I Meet a Real Superhero

Actually, I met a couple of real superheroes in this vlog. First, there’s the massage therapist, Richard Wills of Northwest Advanced Medical Massage, who noticed that I walk like Charlie Chaplin (maybe it’s due in part to my Morton’s Toe). He was kind enough to ask if I was experiencing any hip pain, and with some advice, massage, and conditioning, I’m walking far less funny than I was after just a week.

He also fixed Diana’s right foot, which has always had a tendency to be tense (a tense tendency?). Best of all, he made a house call!

Later on, we got to meet Phoenix Jones, “the Guardian of Seattle and leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement,” who fights crime on the streets of Seattle in a cool costume like a real-life Batman. Maybe we’ll see people dressed up like him next time we make it out to Comic-Con…

I Meet a Real Superhero

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  1. Okay, new idea — a sponsorship project where Chris has to help fight crime on the streets of Seattle….I’d so be on-board for this. πŸ™‚ (re: Phoenix Jones)

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