Diana Says Less is More

Most of these vlogs have been around 10 minutes long, but we noticed a tendency for viewers to tune out around the five minute mark. We’re going to try a little experiment that we hope you, the loyal viewers will appreciate: trimming the vlog down to five minutes. It should be a win/win situation, we think, because it’s easier to edit our day down to five minutes, and it’s easier for you to watch for five minutes! Yes?

Some of you agree, and some of you disagree. Here’s a little feedback we’ve gotten regarding Project Less is More 2012 in our YouTube channel:

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the five minutes thing. I’m the consumer… I don’t know what goes into making these, and since I don’t pay for watching them, whatever goes is fair.

Love the vlogs, Chris, but shorter vlogs = bad; longer vlogs = good. Just my two cents. Much love to you, Diana, Pixie, and Wicket!

Sometimes you can say what needs to be said in five minutes, sometimes 10. It’s just fun to watch another geek and his wife going through the same stuff my soon-to-be wife and I are!
Steven Buehler

I want the vlogs to be longer than 10 minutes! Please not five minutes! Not permanently, anyway.

10 minute vlog; five minute Geek Out?

If you are shortening this video for personal reasons, it’s fine, but if you are concerned that people don’t watch 10 minute videos, then you should go back to the default. I liked it a lot and, from reading the comments, people prefer the 10 minute vlogs as well.

I must be the only one, but I prefer the five minute videos. To be honest, people should be grateful that Chris and Diana do it at all. Five minutes is better than nothing.

Weird. The vlogs don’t show up in my feed any longer, but the Geek Outs do. Who cares how long they are? I’m pretty sure having a camera on themselves all day, every day is bothersome. Hell, I would understand if they combined multiple days into two or three videos a week. It’s their life; let them live. Someone send me a camera and I’ll start a vlog for you!

I have left several comments, but [maybe] we are not participating because all you do is [show] food and you eating or getting coffee. It’s disquieting to see people eating and it’s not interesting. So I tune out because you shoot the exact same video every day. I hope this is me participating and I think you could really better videos. You’re a smart guy. Figure [out] something better to post.

I feel bad for Chris. He works hard to do daily vlogs and the audience retention stats leave a lot to be desired. Although there is a considerable amount of viewers (myself included) who appreciate the 10 minute vlogs, the average viewer apparently doesn’t. It’s a shame. You people gotta be more supportive!

Good to hear you won’t change your life. I really enjoy all your vlogs, as do the majoirty of your followers. I will never understand why people need to make negative or dumb comments. People feel it’s a right to tell Chris and Diana how to run their vlogs. Chris, do your thing. Whether it’s five minutes or 10 minutes, I’ll be watching.
Jason Nieves

Chris, I sincerely appreciate what you do for the YouTube community. Please don’t let a few comments or dislikes get you down, because what more could a person ask for? You provide excellent free entertainment, and you are a true inspiration for me. I’d like to see half the people who comment negatively run a vlog themselves; you are doing a great job and, again, I couldn’t thank you more for the services you provide. (You’re also pretty much the man!)

I love the vlogs. I’ve considered doing it myself, but I live alone and that would be silly and probably very boring. So Chris and Diana, do what you need to do, and thank you for your time and sharing of your day.

Five is way too short. I would watch 20-30 minutes!

Don’t change your life, just adjust the window of what is seen in the vlogs so that the content is focused on the most interesting aspects of the day. I mean, if you like making the vlogs to document your life and you are just putting it out there, that’s cool. But it seems like something you have been wanting is people to watch the entire video and not drop off after a few minutes. I hope my input is helpful in addressing this. I’m a huge fan of your channel and I like your videos and share!

I already miss the 10 minute vlogs, Chris. This is sad. I actually enjoyed the coffee connoisseur as well as dog-whisperer Chris. My favourite, though? Relationship advice Chris!
Brandon Nolet

Totally understand why you would change to five minutes. It’s nice of you to even do vlogs in the first place. Still, I must cry out for 10 minute vlogs once again. Five is too short. Stats prove nothing when it comes to matters of the heart!
Adrian Sills

Diana Says Less is More