What Don’t I Understand?

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” Socrates, as quoted by Plato
“All I know is that I don’t know nothing.” Operation Ivy, as quoted by Green Day
“You know what I don’t understand? A lot.” Chris Pirillo, as quoted by… I have no idea. (Add it to the list of things I don’t understand!)

One thing I do understand is that the universe is full of constant surprises. Another certainty seems to be that annoyance can be a great motivator, as reflected in the popular idiom: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

Here are a few examples of annoyance expressed somewhat constructively via YouTube comments for this vlog:

Chris, you do need to clean the lens since the dogs sneezed on it.
Mark Young

We’re trying to teach the dogs to clean up after themselves. No luck so far. 🙁

I always watch the vlogs before eating and the food you guys eat makes me even more hungry!

Well, dammit! Now I want a patty melt.

To paraphrase The Most Interesting Man in the World (or Twisted Sister): “Stay hungry, my friend.” Or you could just go get a patty melt! I promise that I won’t try to stop you.

I don’t want to change my username, and the options given are not sufficient to explain why! Stop ruining a good thing, YouTube!

Yeah, YouTube! What’s the big idea?

My head hurts from watching your videos, but I love them! #TeamPirillo

Sorry! Take two aspirin and comment in the morning? #NotARealDoctor

Chris, that cartoon thumb top right is tempting me to like this video.

Mission accomplished! (Hope it wasn’t too annoying, though it may serve to prove my initial point.)


Whoah. Talk about squeaky wheels! To reply in your vernacular: IT HAPPENED! SORRY IF YOU MISSED IT!!!!

Other comments of note that may or may not express a degree or two of annoyance:

For some reason, every time I get home from work around 5 p.m. EST and I watch these videos, I always see 301 views — and that’s every day. So weird.

People seem to mention this a lot, but here’s the scoop: When a video is still new, 301 is YouTube’s displayed maximum. It changes after a while to reflect a more accurate total once the real numbers are in.

You help me realize the cash value of my love for computers and technology. Seeing you doing it is like reading a long, good book written by an expert. Real life is more deeply convincing than someone teaching it. It’s good to know good people.

You’re very kind! Good to know you, too. Thank you.

I like Seattle, but I prefer living in an small town.

We’re sort of in between. It’s pretty much perfect for having access to both!

Indiana Jones Theme? Hmm, must be getting ready for an adventure.
Shannon Freeman


Hi, Chris. Thanks for spreading the word on how great it is to be a geek. Keep up the great work with the vlogs; they’ve all been so full of your quirkiness, good advice, and love shared by you and Diana!

Thanks! Geek power!

Well you’re not really beating gas prices unless you’re fully electric. These Priuses are not only cheaply made and ugly, but archaic. I drive a BMW x5 SUV; even with all of the weight and massive technology, I still get a good 30 MPG on the highway. You are not avoiding high gas prices by buying a Prius.

Your MPG’s not bad, but mine’s still a bit better — and any difference adds up over time, especially if you drive as much as I do. Plus, the “cheaply made and ugly… archaic” thing is pretty subjective. I like my car and I don’t need the size of an SUV or the price tag of the BMW brand to make me any happier than I am right now. But thanks for the feedback!

Wow. Diana just came home from eating, and she still wants to try out your food? How in the world does she stay thin?


I want to be a billionaire.

Nice! I sincerely wish you good luck. If that works out, please keep me in the loop.

And then there were some folks who recommended titles for future vlogs:

Pirillo Vlog 200 — Chris and Diana Visit Japan! Maybe? It would be awesome!

Great. Now I’ve got a certain Styx song stuck in my head that will remain unnamed to (possibly) keep you safe from such hardship.

Pirillo Vlog 248 — Chris and Diana Visit Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

But I haven’t been to Antiquus Scotia yet! Don’t they make you do them in order?

Pirillo Vlog 500 – Diana Goes into Labour! (Best vlog, ever?)


What Don't I Understand?