We Go to BrickCon

You may have heard through the grapevine that I enjoy a certain brick building institution known as LEGO. Actually, “enjoy” may not be a strong enough word. Let’s just get this out in the open so you can say you heard it straight from the geek’s mouth before someone else gets around to dropping this ton of… bricks:

My name is Chris Pirillo, and I am a LEGO addict.

At least having my heart smitten by these little bits of interlocking plastic is a somewhat constructive addiction. Sure, I might not be changing the world when I’m lost in my latest LEGO project, but my mind’s engaged in a way that’s different from how other workloads, hobbies, and interests occupy my time. Some people unwind by playing video games. Others gather around and watch their favorite local sports teams beat the crap out of the favorite sports teams of people who live in other places. Some people tinker with archaic technology. Others ride planes, trains, automobiles, and steamboats for the sheer fun of it. Some collect art. Some create art. Some do all of the above, and some do none of the above — and that’s okay. It’s your life. How do you choose to spend your hours?

Diana and I decided to meet up with other similarly smitten LEGO fanatics at the annual gathering known as BrickCon. We’re lucky that it’s local, but some people make the trip from faraway places to see how many ways the human imagination can assemble LEGO bricks. If the recreation of the Big Bang Theory cast doesn’t impress you, maybe you’d like to see a LEGO rendering of the Hogwarts campus that nearly rivals the size of the real thing! Well, if there was a real thing. You know what I mean. There’s something at BrickCon that will likely blow your mind, no matter how jaded you think you are.

We Go to BrickCon

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