Habitat Loss of the Endangered North American Pay Phone

Do you guys remember pay phones? I suspect that some people reading this might actually not. The idea was that you could put change in the slot of a stationary telephone device that was bolted to a wall, floor, or booth and call people on other parts of the planet without having to recharge. It was designed to be as unportable as possible so that other people could use it when you were done, which is kind of gross when you think about it. Carrying around a few paper towels and maybe a small container of rubbing alcohol to wipe off the layers of ear goo left behind by others was advised if you anticipated having to use one of these pay phones.

In this vlog, Matthew Arevalo spies a pay phone in the wilds of the Sea-Tac Airport. I would like to tell you that he didn’t go as far as to actually touch the thing without rubber gloves, but then I’d be lying. He makes a fair point in saying that no one else has touched it in a decade, so maybe he’ll be all right, after all. I was dropping him off so he could fly back to Los Angeles; if the news reports zombie outbreaks in Southern California over the next few days, we know who to blame.

Here’s some feedback we got from people on YouTube for the content of this vlog. We don’t think these comments were made from airport pay phones or Internet kiosks, but people never stop surprising us.

flatron751: Damn it, Chris! The second I start drinking you jumpcut to a wearing a fake moustache, and I almost choked. But it was really funny, so it’s okay!


raechten: Chris, one tip. Don’t stick your hand through the steering wheel while driving/turning. If you hit a bump or something and the wheel snaps from your hands, you break your wrists and that is not a good thing for a geek. By the way, how do you guys know how it feels to have a tarantula on your face?

Yikes! I don’t think that’s a good thing for anybody! But it’s okay. If I do break my wrists, I’ll just get my pet tarantula to drive me around town.

spanish604: I was going to give him LIKE in the video, but since he farted two times in this video, he gets a DISLIKE!


Habitat Loss of the Endangered North American Pay Phone

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  1. You can thank that lowly pay-phone for being the reason and precursor to the Apple company. The step in Bell Systems tech gave way to all computers, and that ear phlegm was shared between millions in the course of history. So go ahead, berate it. You should be happy it exists, for the company that made it probably had one of your current relatives supporting their family by them. A dwindling employee base now looms over MaBell, and has given all those jobs to Foxconn slave labor group of China making your iPhones and iPads.

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