Is This Real Life?

Continuing from the merry mayhem of yesterday, you get to see even more behind-the-scenes stuff in this vlog as director Eliot Rausch and his furious band of filmmakers pillage and ransack our homestead to get more footage for the documentary they’re doing about me! I think only one thing got broken during this whole time, and I’m pretty sure it’s completely fixable. My fault for having the house doggie-proofed but not company-proof.

The final thing’s going to be awesome, though, and I’m not even saying that because I happen to be the subject matter. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Eliot Rausch’s work before, but you totally should go see what he’s got on Vimeo; it’s award-winning work (literally)! Then, when you’re done enjoying his impressive online portfolio, you should follow Eliot Rausch on Twitter so you can find out more about this and future projects. Forsooth!

During the course of this experience, we learned a few things:

  • It’s not really a dining room if you never eat there.
  • Keeping your mother-in-law in the “awesome room” sounds less barbaric than “basement.”
  • LEGO minifigs can’t come alive and eat you in your sleep, even when they out-populate your family by the hundreds.
  • Wicket is only a tough guy when he’s sure that any potential danger (i.e., the camera crew filming my life) is long gone.
  • Pixie wants the potential danger to come back and give her tummy rubs.
  • People watch these vlogs from Puerto Rico!
  • Diana is alive! She’s just been hanging out with her mom in the aforementioned “awesome room.” They’re speaking to one another in some crazy moonman language to which I’m not privy. I don’t think it’s Klingon, but Diana’s always been full of surprises.

Anywho, it’s been a pretty eventful couple of days. We kept visitor Matthew Arevalo entertained with an unopened LEGO project, and he built us what may just become our new security system (since we know that Wicket fails miserably in this capacity).

Is This Real Life?