Diana Rescues Me from Loneliness

Here’s where my lovely wife (the artist currently known as Diana) returns from her journey afar — and she’s brought company! But is her company as camera shy as Diana was just as recently as last year? If you remember back to the days when Diana was “just” my girlfriend, I had to vigilantly avoid capturing her likeness on camera, which is harder than you might think. Even now, I have to keep variables like reflective surfaces in mind when she’s in what she considers a less-than-presentable state.

Of course, I don’t think that she’s ever in a less-than-presentable state, but I respect her wishes — most of the time. More than she respects my closet space, anyway. (Grumble, grumble, grumble.)

Before Diana comes back, we visit with some other company, Matthew Arevalo, who viewers may recognize from the vlogs I did when I went down to Comic-Con in San Diego a couple of months ago. He emerged from his lofty Los Angeles lair to visit us here in the pristine woodlands of the Pacific Northwest with a documentary crew to get some footage of yours truly. No, you don’t get the meet the documentary crew in this installment, but they should show up in the next few vlogs — I almost promise!

Matthew says that our house smells nicer than he imagined it would, and I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. He clarified that its modern look — as conveyed visibly in these vlogs — makes it seem like it would have a more “neutral” odor. I’m not sure if he means neutral good, neutral evil, or true neutral, but he says that our house has more of a lawful good scent than he was anticipating. Well, that’s not exactly how he put it.

At the front of the silly questions begging for ridiculous answers file for today: Do my farts smell like autumn?

Diana Rescues Me from Loneliness