Wicket Gives Us a Present

Dogs love to get into things they’re not supposed to get into. In this way, I suppose they’re a lot like people (and some folks would contend that dogs are people). Wicket “Trouble” Pirillo (yep, Trouble is his middle name) recently — and mysteriously — got into a smorgasbord of pasta. They mystery lies in the fact that neither Diana or I ever gave him any pasta, which means one of three things:

  • Wicket managed to get on the kitchen counter and snag some when we weren’t looking.
  • Wicket managed to open the refrigerator, open a container of leftovers, fix himself some grub, and close it all up without us noticing.
  • Wicket managed to get into the trash, which is another closed system; we’d notice if he got into it.

We had to follow through with some fancy detective work and the results are yet to be disclosed from the secret lab (the forensic dinner scientists down there are backed up this week).

But how, you may ask, did we manage to deduce that Wicket got into a smorgasbord of pasta? I could tell you that he was bragging about it to Pixie, who was even less impressed than the human members of the household and she took it upon herself to snitch on her brother. Or I could tell you that Wicket fessed up to the crime himself and promised that he’d never do it again. Or I could tell you that he was caught in the act, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery in the first place. No, no.

While Wicket may be greedy about the things he likes, at least he’s not selfish. He likes to share, though his concept of sharing doesn’t include offering anything he’s not had the chance to run around the block a few times. Take the aforementioned smorgasbord of pasta, for instance. In this vlog, you’ll see how he took it upon himself to share the contents of his dalliance in an after-the-fact sort of way. Squeamish viewers may want to skip this one.

Wicket Gives Us a Present