Beer is Best for Ruckus or Rest (With Sponsored Videos)

Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.

Proverbs 31:7

When photographers want me to smile, they ask me to say “cheese.” When they want me to really smile, they ask me to say “beer!”

Beer is Best for Ruckus or RestI know, I know. I’ve said it before: I’m generally more of a wine guy than a beer guy. Still, there are plenty of circumstances when I find a good beer to be a refreshing alternative to the usual. Beer can be the perfect remedy for a bad day as well as positive punctuation to a good day. Beer can be solace in times of sorrow, or satisfaction to one’s celebration. Beer can be an escape from the mundane, or an invitation to a special occasion. As I’m writing this, it’s Friday and I must confess that my mind’s wandering a bit more than usual. Like many people around the country at this very second (and others around the world when their time zones were and will be in sync with the approaching weekend), I’m thinking about how nice it would be to “punch out” early from this end of the work week and knock back a few cold ones with friends down at the local watering hole. In my case, I work from home and this will likely translate to maybe taking a short break and having a round with Wicket and Pixie (my dogs) before getting my nose back to the grindstone, but the sentiment is similar.

Even if you’re not the sort who goes carousing with the work mates (or house pets) on the town after putting in your time at the office, you might be someone who is more inclined to enjoy a beer with your dinner. As with wine, pairing a fine meal with a good beer can make all the difference in its reception. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see restaurants advertising brewery pairing nights where complementary flavors are maximized to ultimate effect. Nothing makes spices sing, herbs undulate, and peppers pop quite like the accompaniment of a cold, sudsy beer.

Did you know that there’s even beer ice cream? Or that some beers can be served with a dollop of ice cream in the style of root beer floats? It may sound like blasphemy toward beer and/or defilement of dessert (depending on where you stand at the imminent argument’s beginning), but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the unique flavors that are invoked by the simple blending of two distinctly different harbingers of deliciousness. Some brave soul once happened upon the brilliant idea of mixing chocolate with peanut butter, for instance, but imagine how sad the time before this world-changing discovery was made must have been. At least the people who lived then didn’t know what they were missing, I suppose. Think about it this way: Do you want people from the future to feel bad for you because you were afraid to find out where your taste buds could take you? Beer and ice cream, folks: it’s better than you think. (Yes, yes. That would be a lousy and very unconvincing marketing slogan, I agree, but did I mention that it’s Friday? Hit me up on Monday and I’m sure I’ll have something better for you. Promise.)

Is there any situation that can’t be enhanced with the addition of beer? Well, I don’t know if I can recommend beer as a milk replacement for your breakfast cereal, but then again, it’s something that I’ve never tried. However, if you’ve ever dared such a bold culinary adventure, then you should definitely leave a comment and share with the rest of us! Because, believe it or not, there are some lines that even I won’t cross.


This post is sponsored by Corona Extra. All opinions (and beer floats) are 100% my own.