How Many Couples Watch Us?

TechMolly, someone who’s a part of our community, apparently has an economics project due tomorrow, and she has to present her favorite entrepreneur to the rest of the class: she wants to present me (and I’m honored). But in the PS of the email she sent to tell me this, she says that she found out from her fiance yesterday that he’s also been watching our videos — the vlogs and the Geek Outs!

She didn’t even know this; she thought she was the only one! And now that the secret’s out, they can watch the videos together and talk about them afterwards. So our vlogs and Geek Outs, it turns out, are helping couples bond all the world over! And if you don’t believe me, here are some testimonials from the community!

Andrew James: My wife and I have a routine of watching your vlogs after we have had our breakfast.

Don Heller: Chris, my wife and I love watching these. I have since joined the Gnomies and will try to be a more active part of the community!

Rick Nelson: My wife and I watch these daily.

Flavio Gomes: My girlfriend and I always enjoy your vids, Chris! We’re from Boston, Massachusetts!

DrZarkloff: My wife and I watch you all the time.

2020hacker: From London, Ontario (Canada), my wife and I watch your videos every day.

Then again, we do have a little healthy competition from other vlogs out there.

Brian Roberts : I can’t get my wife to stop watching It’s Judy’s Life long enough to watch your videos with me!

It’s okay, Brian. We can’t “win” ’em all, and It’s Judy’s Life is excellent. No reason she can’t watch both, though! I’m just throwing that out there…

How about the rest of you? Do you watch these vlogs with your significant other? Let us know in the comments below!

In other news, what the heck is she doing with all of my stuff? Has she succeeded in annexing my closet? This aggression will not stand, man!

How Many Couples Watch Us?

2 thoughts on “How Many Couples Watch Us?”

  1. This is an incredible story. Me and my boyfriend Hugo watch you all the time. We love following your adventures and find both of you very inspiring, captivating and motivational to watch.

    All my friends and family are following you obsessively too. We’re constantly talking about your latest video blog over dinner, or other family get togethers. They’re all watching you on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and even their televisions. Everyone I know can’t get enough of your internet reality show. Not all of us are Apple fanboys, but we definitely respect your opinions on great consumer tech.

    PS: You make a wonderful couple. Long live the Pirillo familia!!!!

  2. This might be a fairly old blog post, but I just wanted to say that my boyfriend got me into watching these videos and I got instantly hooked. I love seeing you and Diana’s antics (or lack of antics) and throughly enjoy watching all the videos every day. Catching up with old videos and watching the new ones daily had become a routine!

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