We Get Wacky Packages

Baseball: the all-American pastime. Children of all ages love to gather around stadiums, television sets, and radios when the game’s in season to marvel over grown men in leisure wear hitting tiny spheres with big sticks and running around in circles squares. I’m not knocking people who have a genuine love for the sport; families and friends bond over this stuff, but I just don’t get it. Where are the lightsabers? Where’s the wine and sushi? Scratch that last thought. Drinking wine and eating sushi procured from a stadium would take a stronger badge of courage than any I could ever wear — and a stronger stomach than mine, to be sure!

Anyway, if I told you that I collected cards, your first thought would likely gravitate toward baseball cards, right? Collecting baseball cards is almost as much of an all-American pastime as the sport itself. Alas, since my heart’s not really into baseball, there would be precious little point in trying to scoop up cards — or any memorabilia — related to the sport.

I know, I know. How can I forsake the all-American pastime of baseball card collecting? I guess I manage. Because of my old friends like the Garbage Pail Kids, I’m constantly amused by the art and the puns that accompany many of my favorite non-sports card series. I may not know much about Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle, but I’m very familiar with Adam Bomb, Vericose Wayne, Zeke Freak, Magic Wanda, Pinball Willard, Ann Chovie, and Wee-Wee Willie.

When I discovered that Topps had released series nine of legendary product parody Wacky Packages, I had to satisfy my collector’s urge and buy, by gum! (Actually, there was no gum. But you know what I mean.) In this vlog, I share the spoils of one particularly wacky package of cards in hopes that you, too, can get in touch with your inner 12-year-old!

Do you collect anything — cards or otherwise? Drop a comment and share!

We Get Wacky Packages

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