iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review

Yep! I got one of these new-fangled iPhone 5 devices on Friday and, like a kid on Christmas morning, I could hardly wait to unbox the darned thing. Weren’t around? No regrets. You can see the video here!

In fairness to the fine viewers who saw fit to pay my YouTube channel a visit, I resisted the urge to rip the package apart within five seconds of receiving it and actually exercised a semblance of rational patience. And then I ripped that sucker open! My first photo taken with the iPhone 5 may amuse some and annoy others; it seems like that’s the story of my life. Do have an iPhone 5? Were you waiting for the unboxings and reviews online before taking the plunge? Or do you leave iDevices to the fanboys and shun them for your Android-powered doodads?

In any case, may your Monday be the beginning of a most wonderful week!