We’re Cartoons!

Alex Hollings (@AlexHollings on the Twitter) from Brainstorm Cartoons truly makes the impossible possible.

Have you ever wanted to:

Fight a dragon with a mighty sword?
Drive faster than the speed of… limit?
Eat six cakes all at once?
Weave a basket with your feet?
Fly a space zeppelin?
Explore an ancient shipwreck in your pajamas?
Rollerskate across the country?
Swashbuckle with pirates? (Hargh!)
Dance on the head of a giant?
Ride your bike to Bermuda?
Taunt a Klingon with a slingshot?
Build a life-sized model of Mars?
Wrestle with a panda?
Soar through the clouds on the back of a sky turtle?
Box an undead Teddy Roosevelt?
Have six arms?
Shock the monkey?
Play hopscotch on the surface of Venus?
Boil an egg on the sidewalk?
Explore the ruins of Atlantis?
Yodel with Bigfoot?
Serenade an elf?
Jump over 1,000 cars on a Big Wheel?
Cartwheel across the Grand Canyon?
Play tag with a dinosaur?
Command a legion of killer lemurs?
Score the winning goal?
Travel around the world in the belly of a robot whale?
Host a talk show with zombies?
Give a toast to the King and Queen of Portugal?
Climb Everest by goat?
Wrap a long spaghetti noodle around Earth?
Get a giant snake to eat your third-grade math teacher?
Have a knife fight with an octopus?
Live in a house made entirely of perfectly buttered toast?
Get really big and use trees for toothpicks?
Shrink down to the size of an action figure and ride around in Star Wars toys?
Breathe fire?
Ride a tornado like a horse?
Bedazzle the Shroud of Turin?
Hang glide between skyscrapers?
Have a tea party with gladiators?

Well, an animator like Alex can make it happen! He’s done it before, and he’ll no doubt do it again. I’d keep an eye on this one.

Cartoon Chris and Diana

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