The Best Geek on TV

No! No! I’m not the geek you’re looking for. Sure, I used to be on TV, but I’m not, anymore. I’m on the YouTube, and that suits me just fine. More than just fine, actually! I get to be my own boss on the off-chance that YouTube feels like cooperating with my best efforts. Rather, we’re trying to discover who you consider to be your favorite geek on the television these days. Likely, you’re imagining someone from a scripted television show. Reality show geeks seem to stick to obvious places. Like cooking shows, dance-offs, and myth-dispelling presentations.

Reminder: That’s not meant to be disparaging. I like geeks. They’re my people, after all! We’re all about love, here. If you think otherwise, you may wish to check theyself, ‘lest thee wreck thyself.

Who do you think is the best geek on TV these days? We see them represented a lot more than we used to, and they’re not all the negative stereotypes of yesteryear — in fact, geeks are more often than not viewed in a positive light (which is a refreshing change from when I was growing up, let me tell you). Are you a Spock rocker? Are you meldin’ with Sheldon? Do you see farly with Charlie? Are you fabby with Abbie? Er… okay. I shouldn’t give it all away. We all have our preferences, and many of you may come up with some truly fascinating arguments as to why some geeks shine brighter than others. Anthony Marcus “Tony” Shalhoub Monk wasn’t on the list (sorry about the spoiler!), but he definitely resonates with some of the geeks among us. Perhaps you have something to say about how some of your suggestions should have ranked higher on the list than ours?

See what we have to say about our favorite picks over at LockerGnome and in the video above! Leave a comment below if you want to let your thoughts be known forever and ever!