The Best Gadgets

As a fellow geek, I’m sure that you’re no stranger to coveting the occasional gadget, whatchamacallit, contrivance, thingamajig, gimmick, contraption, widget, apparatus, utensil, appliance, invention, doodad, tool, gizmo, or doohickey. And even if my assumption that you’re a fellow geek is mistaken, surely you’ve been prone to “geek out” about a new toy — whether it’s been a giant-screened television set, a bumping stereo system, a car in your favorite color, a gaming console, an electric razor, a fruit-mangling juicer, a popcorn machine, or a swanky smartphone. My point? We live in a world where new gadgets are user-friendly and no longer the exclusive dominion of the hardcore geek. Technology has become as inseparable from the modern human experience as shoes, indoor plumbing, and mattresses. To do without is just… camping.

Ugh. Let’s not talk about camping. I’m the Great Indoorsman for a reason, after all.

What are my favorite gadgets? I’d say they’re the ones I use most often. I don’t like clutter, so anything that doesn’t serve an immediate purpose to my life usually finds its way into the clutches of the more deserving (or, at least, the most desiring). It’s one reason that I do so many giveaways (aside from loving the LockerGnome community, of course). The modified camera with the gigantic, wide-angle lens that I use for daily vlogging is a keeper, for sure. My smartphone is another example of a gadget that I find crucial to my daily experience. Of course, my desktop computer is something that I use every day, and having a notebook at the ready just in case I need it is a safety net I can’t imagine forsaking any time soon.

How about you? Are you joined at the hip to any gadgets for reasons of business or pleasure? Are you almost a cyborg? In the comments below, tell us about the technological devices in your life that you simply can’t imagine doing without!