Someone Set Us Up the Balm

Diana thinks that her attire in this vlog makes her look like a convicted felon. Is she a mastermind criminal for stealing my heart? (She certainly stole this entire bowl of popcorn before I could get a munch in edgewise!)

But for my part, if lovin’ the lass is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

And I was just kidding about the popcorn, but it perfectly illustrates a point I’d like to make. If you’ve got a significant other and the relationship’s a healthy one, do you find that you do things for one another without hesitation? It’s almost an involuntary compulsion — like breathing or watching infomercials at 3 a.m. — that doesn’t really require thought as much as it does natural instinct. Of course Diana offered me popcorn before devouring it like a pack of starving wolves on a Butterball turkey, and of course I offered to make more if she ran out (even if I, myself, didn’t want any). We work as a team, and putting a little thought into how we mesh our concerns and abilities becomes even more effortless the longer we’re together.

In order for a relationship to work, you need to remember that you’re not alone anymore… unless you want to be alone (and then your problem’s solved, I guess, but it’s not a problem I’d want to have). It’s easy to be in a relationship, but being in a happy relationship doesn’t just take luck. It doesn’t even just take skill. It takes time.

So, aside from squishy relationship advice and mushy love American style, what other questions were asked and revelations… er… revealed in this vlog? Here are a couple to whet your appetite:

  • Should sugar be illegal?
  • Customized postcards from Korea (or anywhere in the known universe) are cool! But bumper stickers aren’t. Even if they proclaim my love for Diana.

Curious? There’s more! All you have to do is watch the video.

Someone Set Us Up the Balm

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