Why the Big Grin?

If you’re wondering why I’m grinning big like the kid who just won the cookie lottery, it’s because we will be giving away a MacBook Air at some point over the next few weeks!

Want details? Just keep watching, liking, and sharing these videos (as you’ve been doing, and which Diana and I both appreciate)!

Chris Mrs. Diana

7 thoughts on “Why the Big Grin?”

  1. This is a great way to get what Chris desires for the future of Locker gnome, a bigger and more diverse gathering of geeks sharing knowledge and experience. “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” – Mae West

  2. Chris. I love the vlogs and look forward to watching them every day. The fact that you are giving away a Macbook Air soon is an added bonus. I am curious how much time do you record each day? It must take a lot of work to show us a whole day in just 10 minutes.

  3. A MacBook Air, That’s amazing. I’d be happy too if I could give away a MacBook Air to my fans.

  4. Nose Hair suggestion, Curly!
    MACBOOK AIR! COOL! Ok I haven’t had a mac since my Macintosh PLUS. DON’T JUDGE ME!!
    Yes I will join the weight loss. and I must say the quibbs you make about the things you like, music, movies, or toons are hilarious and make my day. However I have to ask how old you are since you don’t seem older than 20+ yrs old. SESAME STREET! Thats what I Mean ROFL. That last part was Gremlins for those who didn’t get it.. HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. MacBook Air? KEWL! I will certainly stay tuned! (I would stay tuned anyways, but WOW an MacBook Air!)

    And 50 weight loss tips too! I LOVE this Vlog!!!!!!!!! Recommending it to all my overweight friends!

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