Boba Fett Finds Chris Solo

The day after the wedding that took place in the winery (mentioned in the last vlog and fully endorsed by me as being a good idea), I’m starting to remember little bits and pieces that somehow escaped my memory. For instance: I was craftily coerced into dancing. In front of other people.

No. We didn’t vlog it. Or did we? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

Boba Fett Finds Chris Solo

3 thoughts on “Boba Fett Finds Chris Solo”

  1. Is the large amount of beans you consume part of a diet Diana has you on? Also where do you get most of your “local deal” coupons from?

  2. A dogcam would be nice, esp. if you want to see what the dogs are up to. Also, I think that you should implement a secret phrase of the day. You know.. to see how many “fans” you have. Might not be the best way to get that information though.

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