Diana is the Real Cake Boss

Good news! If you ever get a birthday cake, or a Christmas cake, or a get well cake, or a wedding cake, or a confirmation cake, or a Hanukkah cake, or a graduation cake, or even one of those giant cakes that some scantily clad damsel jumps out of at any random VFW hall soiree, Diana will totally take if off your hands. No questions asked. Totally.

All your cake are belong to her.

Diana and I hope that you’ve been enjoying this daily peek into our life! And while many of you have been watching since the very beginning, we realize that some of you may be here for the first time and you want to feel like you’re caught up. So if you want to watch this series of vlogs from the very beginning, just stop by the Pirillo Vlog Playlist page.

And some of you have been under the mistaken impression that I’ve given up entirely on doing tech videos in favor of these vlogs, but you couldn’t be wronger! Every weekday, we produce a new episode of Geek Out, wherein I rant about current tech news and the stories we’re covering at LockerGnome. This way, the YouTube viewers, the LockerGnome readership, and the elite Gnomies aren’t left out if they don’t give a fig about the stuff we do in our vlogs. Everybody wins!

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Diana is the Real Cake Boss