Boyz n the Comic-Con

On my way to Comic-Con in San Diego this past week (thanks to T-Mobile and our Samsung Galaxy S III giveaway), I had to make a little stopover in Los Angeles to meet up with new LockerGnome collaborator Matthew Arevalo. He would be my ride and my guide. Little did I know that he would roll up mysteriously in a car bedecked with tinted windows. I was pretty sure that I was about to experience a scene from Scarface or The Godfather or Boyz n the Hood or some other film wherein a pasty geek like myself might expect to meet a tragic end at the business end of some firearm or another from a slowly moving vehicle.

Heck, even when he rolled down the window to assure me that he was the driver I was waiting for, I was a little unsure about taking the ride. As you can see from Pirillo Vlog 082, Matthew’s a pretty shady-looking dude! It’s probably the beard. And the crown.

We’ve been doing these vlog things for a little while now and we’re building up quite a collection! But if you just stepped in and you’re feeling a little left behind, don’t worry! There’s hope. You can see the progress so far by checking out the Pirillo Vlog Playlist page. The nice thing about being on demand via the Internet is that we’ll still be here when you get back — and then some. We pretty much do these every day.

And if you’ve been wondering if we’re still doing tech stuff, the happy answer is a resounding yes! Every weekday, we Geek Out, sharing tech-related news of the day from LockerGnome and beyond! I try and keep the episodes as compact as possible and save my longer rants for these here vlogs and Google+ Gnomies Hangouts. Everyone’s a winner!

Oh, and if you live in the United States, you can text the word CHRIS to the phone number 68398 on your mobile device to be alerted when we upload a new video!

Boyz n the Comic-Con