The Sounds of Meat

In preparation of my dad coming to town, I’ve been stocking up on beef sticks in Pirillo Vlog 051. With no womenfolk around to tell us otherwise, I’m wondering if vegetables of any kind will be on the menu. To an outside observer, we might be like a glimpse into the days of mammoth-chomping cavemen. There will be gnashing of teeth on gristly chunks of processed cattle flesh, oh, yes!

Unless I opt for the buffalo jerky. I’m not sure if they mean that it’s ground from a bison or it comes from New York state…

3 thoughts on “The Sounds of Meat”

  1. Chris, spend a few more bucks and get better workspace furniture. With all due respect, the stuff you were looking at is cheap and kinda junky. She deserves the best, right?

  2. It looks like a very beautiful place in Seattle of that I could see behind you in your vloggs. Can´t you show us a bit more of the views in Seattle. For us living in europe I think it could be fun and my best friends sister lives in Seatlle so for that reason too it would be nice to see some views.

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