Apple Fanboy Du Jour

In the comments section of this Geek Out video, someone gave me the well-thought-out advice that I shouldn’t be such an Apple fanboy; I should be more neutral in my reporting of tech. I guess he or she missed the memo that we were covering announcements made at the annual Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which, by its very nature, is going to be pretty Apple-centric. When Windows 8 gets officially released, will I be accused of being a Microsoft fanboy because of the things I’ll be talking about on that particular day?

I’m sure it’ll happen. Sigh. Can’t please all of the people all of the time, eh? I’m really not being a Glum Gus, but I do wish some people would pay attention to the world around them before they sound off. So there! 🙂

Next Generation MacBook Pro Features Retina Display, Thinner Body

During the keynote at WWDC Monday, Apple unveiled a series of updates for its current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line. In what is perhaps the most significant update to the MacBook Pro in years, Apple unveiled what it calls the “Next Generation MacBook Pro” featuring a frame that is just 0.71 inches thin, weighing less than any other MacBook Pro. In fact, the Next-Generation MacBook Pro weighs in at just 4.46 pounds. Oh, and it’s got a Retina display.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Just Another Android Phone?

These days there seems to be a new Android smartphone released every week, and the latest to be announced was the Samsung Galaxy S III. But this seemed to have a particularly high level of hype surrounding its announcement; is this device a potential market leader, or will it be forgotten in a few weeks?

Making Babies and Religion: is That Controversial?

Making decisions is greatly affected by the way in which we display the data necessary to understand the situation well enough to make a valid decision. Too much data presented in a dry, formal way can be worse for decision making that no data at all. Not being aware of relevant data because it is surrounded by everyday sensory input prevents us from making crucial decisions.

Open Garden Surrounds Devices with Internet Access

Open Garden is an application that assists those of us who need to access the Internet via varying electronic devices. To most of us, this process is done through tethering. Tethering is the art of connecting one or more devices to an Internet connection, normally by another device such as a cellphone or smartphone.

How to View RAW Files in Windows 7

Photographers with all levels of experience have grown to appreciate the flexibility that snapping shots in RAW provides when it comes to mastering the images in photo editing software. Sometimes, you just need to be able to quickly view a large batch of RAW files out in the field without having to fuss with third-party programs. That’s why knowing how to view RAW files in Windows 7 can be helpful.

What the Heck is a Macro, Anyways?

How often have you found yourself repeating the same keystroke after boring, carpal tunnel inducing keystroke, wondering how, in this day and age, there’s not a better — and easier — way to perform these tasks with minimal human intervention? If you don’t already know what a macro is, then here’s something for you!

Pirillo Vlog 047 — The Legend of Diana

In this edition of the Pirillo Vlog, we talk about black socks vs. white socks (actual socks… not baseball teams which may or may not exist), why it takes 17 hours for Diana to get her nails “did,” ways for me to pass the time during said 17 hours, how Diana is inspiring people across the globe to eat junk food, and the part of the body upon which someone might find a yin-yang. Mayhaps it’s attached to the thumb you use for liking this video? I vote yes!

Pirillo Vlog 048 — Chris Thinks He’s Tom Cruise

In this edition of the Pirillo Vlog, we send Diana off from the ever-glamorous Sea-Tac Airport on her journey to visit her family in Texas. I’m actually kind of surprised someone didn’t try to stop us from recording video. Sadly, it’s probably just a matter of time…

Pirillo Vlog 049 — Chris Finds a Video Game Arcade

Since Diana’s off by herself visiting family for what seems like a long time in a state far, far away, I’m going to try and carry on without her in the meantime. What sorts of things do I get up to when her good (and bad) influences aren’t around to guide (and misguide) me? These sorts of things!

Feel like you’re falling behind? Despair not, friend! You can catch up with what we’re doing right now over at our YouTube channel… if you dare!

2 thoughts on “Apple Fanboy Du Jour”

  1. “When Windows 8 gets officially released, will I be accused of being a
    Microsoft fanboy because of the things I’ll be talking about on that
    particular day?”

    Probably not, because it seems to me, that you actually prefer Apple products. There are some very good definitions of the word ‘fanboy’ on Urban Dictionary. For example:

    “An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it
    be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common
    usage), etc.

    Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their
    preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to
    acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every
    flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic,
    complimentary proportions.

    There’s a difference between Apple-centric news and overrating Apple products. I think that’s what this user meant.

  2. There are those trolls living in their parent’s basement who just live to bitch.  It’s a few seconds toward their fifteen minutes of fame. 

    I remember when you got your first iPhone, with mixed feelings. So, no, you’re no fanboy.

    Lots of folks seem to be either incapable or unwilling to put things in context anymore. 

    Myself, I sort of hate it when Apple, Microsoft or Android make new announcements, or when the consumer electronics or camera trade shows roll around, because I know that I’m going to be deluged for a solid week with basically the same article and inane comments from a dozen different reporters, bloggers and writers. Bitching about it won’t change anything.  I just use the delete button and keep my yap shut.. 😉

    Keep your chin up, Chris.  Focus on what’s really important, as you see it.

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