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Power Global Revolution sounds like it could be a new reggae band, doesn’t it? For all I know, it might be. Here, we talk about things like social media changing the status quo, the importance of being polite online, why titles are meaningless in the small business world, how tabletop role-playing games can be easier for the youngest among us, why I will probably never have a beard as magnificent as Rasputin’s, and how Matt Ryan is completely certifiable.

How Social Media is Playing a Role in Power Global Revolution

The recent Arab Spring revolutions and Occupy Wall Street protests have showed that social media, in particular Twitter and Facebook, have changed the way that power is structured in our society, doing more to democratize and decentralize it. Here, we look at what this means to the current power structure and what we might expect from an upset of the status quo.

How Going to Tech Conferences Can Help You Become Certified

Certifications may not be an absolute measurement of ability or knowledge, but they certainly help in the IT field when being able to provide evidence that you know enough to get the job done is needed. At the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas, Matt Ryan discovers how going to tech conferences can help you become certified.

Criticism and Etiquette Online

Because of the ease with which miscommunication can occur through digital media, it is so important to express oneself carefully. Etiquette, or what Mom might have called good old-fashioned manners, can definitely defuse any unintentionally terse Internet communication; sometimes it’s just a matter of paying attention to the magic that words can work.

Why Titles Are Meaningless in Small Business

“Hello! You can address me as Mr. Grand Emperor Duke Darth Moff President CEO of Intergalactic Haberdashery Sales, Unlimited! But my friends call me Mark!” Someone remind me again, please, why titles are meaningless in small business circles?

How to Change the Save as Folder Location in Office

The default location for saving a new document in Word — as well as other Microsoft Office components — is the My Documents folder. But what if you want it to be something else? Please don’t say you put everything on the desktop! Here’s how to change the “Save as” folder location in Office.

Making Tabletop Gaming Easier for the Next Generation

Tabletop RPGs — like Dungeons & Dragons — are a lot of fun, but they’re sometimes hard to learn and even harder, still, to teach to someone who might be unprepared for the level of complexity involved in playing them. But what if you don’t want to wait until your kid’s a teenager (or at least old enough to avoid confusion) to introduce a tabletop RPG? Here’s how we might make tabletop gaming easier for the next generation.

Pirillo Vlog 045 — There’s Another Pirillo Coming

The good news is that I’m closer than ever to my weight maintenance goals. The bad news is that I seem to have this weird bump on my neck that won’t go away. The good news is that I can grow facial hair comparable to your average Dan Haggerty or Grigori Rasputin. The bad news is that Diana is constantly slapping my beard off of my face for her own amusement. What a world!

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