Mars Wants You

I guess I don’t mind being an earthling. We’ve got water down here, and broadband Internet, and bacon. But wouldn’t it be fun to check out what a life on Mars could be like? Not having the option to come back to Earth could be a bit of a bummer if things turned out to be less awesome on the Red Planet than expected, though.

Maybe I’ll just stay put on Sesame Street…

Will Windows 8 Suffer the Same Fate as the Windows Phone?

What is wrong with Windows Phone and why are consumers ignoring it? Will the same fate befall Windows 8 and will consumers reject the new Windows 8 tablets?

Would You Want to Live on Mars?

Mars One is the Dutch initiative with a catchy name and a daring vision. Its self-proclaimed mission is to send four brave astronauts to our red neighbor, Mars, by 2023. It is to be an apolitical adventure for all humanity. There, they will remain permanently, laying the foundation for a growing human colony. If you had a chance to go to Mars, never to return to Earth, would you do it?

E-readers Vs. Tablets

Contrary to popular belief, e-book readers (even touch-capable ones) are not the same as tablet computers. While they’re still technically computers, and exist within the tablet form factor, the capabilities of the two devices are generally very different. Some e-readers may employ a touch screen, but a touch screen does not a tablet class computer make. So what are the differences between e-readers and tablets?

Must We Have Internet Everywhere?

Though many still believe mobile devices may exacerbate social isolation, there remains an equalizing counter argument that mobility engenders the benefit of our being able to socialize with the people we want to, when we want to. But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing, and do we really need to have Internet access everywhere?

How to Clean a Desktop PC

In general, you want to clean your desktop PC inside and out every season. Because of dust and other dirt that can get taken into your computer over time, you need to be aware of the dangers caused by lackadaisical maintenance — and how to clean a desktop PC.

The Reason So Many People Don’t Like Their Computers

Sometimes people get a big case of buyer’s remorse when they order their computers online and what comes out of the box isn’t quite what they were expecting. Sure, the specs are accurate, but something’s just a little off. Sometimes you really do benefit from trying out something at the store before taking it home.

Pirillo Vlog 044 — Chris Gets a Case of the Mondays

Is it appropriate that I give my wife a yellow rose when she’s going away to Texas without me? Is it wrong to have a favorite disease movie? What would be the opposite of extra virgin olive oil? And what’s better: black licorice or red licorice?

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  1. Hi, Chris. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched your videos. I see you’re not #1 on Google anymore. 🙁

    P.S. I like the new, rapid-fire style of your videos. It’s very fresh. Keep it up!

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