Jump Cut Geek Wars

How can Google+ do what it does best, but better? Have you considered picking up a Logitech Speaker Stand for your iPad, but you were wondering what an eccentric Scotsman had to say about it first before plunking down your hard-won ducats? What the heck is a Star Wars, and does it have anything to do with a Denial of Service attack? Why would a good developer go through the trouble of making bad software?

What’s a jump cut? And will Diana ever come out of the pantry?

Five Ways Google+ Could Improve

Google+ is a great social network, though not without room for improvement. This post isn’t intended to bash the site (or its users) in any way, but to explore some of the ways in which it could do what it does just a little better. As with anything, the statements made here are opinions formed after personal observation of the downsides and hearing about them from some of the more active members of the community. In the end, Google+ is still a site in its infancy and we’d be surprised if the network we see today in any way resembles the site as it will look and feel a year from now. Here are five ways that Google+ could improve.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad Review

Resident Scotsman John McKinlay occasionally buys tech things with his own ill-gotten gains and then writes about them on LockerGnome. Rather than chancing him running us through with his trusty claymore, we let him. In this case, the item up for review is the Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad that he recently picked up. Is it a speaker? Is it a stand? It’s both!

35 Years Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Star Wars saga is a simple tale of good and evil, but at its core it is also a modern myth. As the Skywalker story unfolds before our eyes, we see in it familiar themes as old as age. Already in the Greek myths these themes of coming-of-age, heroism, love, and good versus evil have been thoroughly investigated. But, wait… did you just ask me what a Star Wars is? Well, kid, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

What is a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack?

About a week ago, LockerGnome was hit with a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and was forced to shutter its doors for quite some time. Readers couldn’t read articles, and writers couldn’t write them. It is truly a terrible thing to happen to any website, and it prevents people from doing their jobs (the writers) as well as preventing people from not doing their jobs (the readers). Since some LockerGnome readers didn’t really understand what the heck a DoS attack is and what we were trying to deal with, Eddie Ringle has been kind enough to explain what a Denial of Service attack is and why it’s not always an easy fix.

Why Good Developers Make Bad Software

End users have no common sense whatsoever. At least, that’s the assumption developers should be making when creating user interfaces and working the project road map. Programmers work tirelessly to build something that does exactly what the project manager wants it to do, and often the original draft of a site submitted at this stage has what would appear to be groundbreaking functionality and/or a feature list a mile long. Unfortunately, these early development drafts typically lack the one thing the user is really looking for: a clean and easy user experience. But that’s too easy, so here’s why good developers make bad software.

What is a Jump Cut?

You may hear the term “jump cut” used to describe an editing style that has become popular among YouTube producers in recent years. Having a single subject and camera angle suddenly switch positions or transition between sentences instantly rather than through fluid motion makes a video appear more active or lively. News vloggers use this method to transition between the story and their take, often to humorous effect. Here’s a little bit about the history of the jump cut from its infancy as an error and how we routinely make the most of this mistake.

Pirillo Vlog 032 – Diana Locks Herself in the Pantry

I don’t even know what a scone is… But that’s okay. Diana doesn’t know what her favorite monster is beyond “the green one,” so we’re even. Hiding in the pantry isn’t going to change anything! Honey? Honey? Here’s our most recent installment of the ongoing Pirillo Vlog wherein Diana locks herself in the pantry.

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