Text and Punishment

Should the punishment for texting and driving be more severe in places where it’s illegal? Should people who knowingly text people who are driving be held at least partially responsible for resulting accidents, or is this an overstretch of justice? Do you know how to get the most out of Google Chrome?

If you produce videos, do you see the need for a clapperboard? Have you always wanted to become a better photographer, but didn’t know where to start? Do you have a favorite content management system (CMS), but had a long trial and error process with other CMS before arriving there? Is the Internet ideal for providing a free education to all?

And do you know the consequences of keeping Diana on hold?

This is just some of the stuff we talked about today at LockerGnome and on our YouTube channel!

One thought on “Text and Punishment”

  1. RE: Fining folks who text those that they know are driving…

    To borrow from Sheila Broflovski – “Wha WHA WHAT?!?”  It is illegal to DRIVE and text.  Just because your phone receives a text does not mean you have to view it NOW. 

    I will phone my brother in NY knowing he cannot answer unless he uses his hands-free device.  Should I be a criminal for calling him then?  Well, just as he should not answer unless he has his hands-free device handy, I should not read nor reply to a text somebody sends to me in NC while I am driving.

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