Does This Mustache Make Me Look Fat?

I’ve written about the history of shaving before, but with Diana’s encouragement, I’ve decided to go a different way. Because she agreed with YouTube viewer h4lk7, who said that I should grow a mustache, I’ve decided to give it a whirl. While I realize that this could be a not-so-elaborate hoax at my expense and she’s saving the really hearty laughter for when the thing grows in a little more, I may have the last laugh. After all, Diana’s the one who’s got to be seen in public with me!

But first things first: is it mustache or moustache?

Wikipedia (the unquestioned bastion of all things truthy — next to Stephen Colbert, of course) tells us:

The word “moustache” derives from 16th century French moustache, which in turn is derived from the Italian mostaccio (14th century), dialectal mustaccio (16th century), from Medieval Latin mustacium (8th century), Medieval Greek moustakion, attested in the 9th century, which ultimately originates as a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek mustax, mustak-, meaning “upper lip” or “facial hair,” probably derived from Hellenistic Greek mullon, for “lip.”

It also tells us that “mustache” is the American English version of moustache, so I’ve got to go with that unless I want to come across as some sort of pretentious so-and-so in Pirillo Vlog 031. I want to make sure the thing is really defined before I embark on that route…

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One thought on “Does This Mustache Make Me Look Fat?”

  1. Two hints about m(o)ustaches from someone who has worn one for over 40 years:
    (1) they can freeze in cold weather – which feels strange but not uncomfortable
    (2) if you drink foamy drinks (like some lattes) without a straw, and the foam gets onto the moustache, then thorough cleanup may require shampoo.

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