Dystopian Viking Playground

What happens when your Web 2.0 standbys go by the wayside and years of your creative content suddenly disappears? Is Humantenna a new Microsoft project, or a bad Syfy network movie of the week? Is Sweden a Viking Dystopia? Do you know how to get Adobe Creative Master Suite for $49? What’s better for video: DSLR cameras or HD camcorders? Is there any excuse for getting all of your news from one source nowadays? Are you a grown adult who likes to blow off some steam on the playground every now and again? Want to try GoToAssist free for 30 days?

One thought on “Dystopian Viking Playground”

  1. News consumption has become a different ball game altogether with the rise of the Internet and social media. Content sharing and real-time updates rival traditional media outfits’ ability to deliver news instantaneously.

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