Are We Doing It Wrong?

Is this what a vlog should be? Or are we doing it wrong?

Are kiwis better than peaches?

What do you want out of TLDR? Should it be longer? Shorter?

Did you know that tape dispensers could be cute?

If some of your soybeans are tougher than others, go cry to your edamame.

Oh! This just in: Diana eats squirrel brains. Or does she? You’ll have to watch this video to find out…

One thought on “Are We Doing It Wrong?”

  1. I enjoy the Vlogs and the TLDR. I would like to see some thinks more in depth on the TLDR but I don’t really think it needs to be longer.  If you get a video/blog with a lot of comments maybe a weekly recap of your top stories going in more depth about them would be cool. It would also be cool if you could maybe skype with the authors of the blog posts that you talk about.

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