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Based on the excellent response we got to our recent vlog (created at Diana’s behest), we may change the way we do our TLDR going forward. We still plan on covering the same LockerGnome.com content, and we still plan on interacting with you and our community of registered Gnomies at the same Bat time and same Bat channel, but we may not break the show up into clips as we have been doing. Why? It’s a heck of a lot of work, and we usually don’t get as much of a response as we did for the vlog.

It’s not that we’re lazy; we’re just trying to maximize our time so that we can give you guys what you seem to want. We’ve come a long way since we began doing TLDR every weekday, and we’ve got a ways to go, still. Join us on the winding journey ahead and help us steer a steady course, won’t you?

Here are some of the things on LockerGnome.com and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Five Cool Features of the Kindle Touch

During Matt Ryan’s last trip, his Kindle suffered an unfortunate death at the hands of an overstuffed bag. Apparently, that pocket on the front of a carry-on bag is not a good place to put easily bent electronics if the bag itself is stuffed to the brim with clothes and other knick knacks picked up during the journey. As a replacement, he decided to pay an extra $20 and upgrade to the Kindle Touch. Here are five of his favorite features found on the Kindle Touch, and why they changed the way he thinks about the inexpensive e-book reader.

Android Development Series, Part 2: Keeping Your Apps Compatible

In part one of this series, Eddie Ringle talked about the importance of integrating a good, navigable UI design when you’re building an app — and that goes for any platform, though this series focuses on Android. In part two, he talks about the hows and whys of ensuring that the apps you create today will continue to work through inevitable operating system upgrades tomorrow. Here’s how to keep your Android apps compatible.

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT

Microsoft Windows 8 is the highly anticipated latest addition to the Windows family. Expected to launch either late this year or early 2013, Windows 8 brings with it the most substantial user experience change since Windows 95. Windows 8 is the name of Microsoft’s new x86/64 editions of Windows, and Windows RT is the name given to the edition designed to work on ARM architecture. Here, we take a look at how Windows 8 compares to Windows RT, and where the more mobile-friendly option may actually have an advantage.

Who’s to Blame when Scamming is So Easy?

It’s easy to be mad at people who make their suppers by stealing food from the tables of others. While the ones among us with hearts may have trouble understanding how someone can scam someone else without remorse (and keep on doing it as a lucrative business), it’s not hard to figure out why they do it: would-be victims make it really easy for them. While we’re not advocating the habit of casting suspicion on everyone you encounter, we do think that holding on to common sense when interacting with a stranger who asks for sensitive information — or cash — is the only way to lessen the appeal of the easy scam to the scumbags who practice it. Who’s to blame when scamming is so easy?

Checking a Domain Against the Spamhaus DBL in PHP

If your domain’s been spoofed by spammers to send out endless quantities of crap email to the innocent, your ISP will likely take issue against you first — and the burden of proof will be placed upon you to prove that you’re not the one responsible. (And if you are a spammer, then shame on you!) Recently, LockerGnome’s Craighton Miller had a problem with his URL shortener being used to send out spam links to people, and Eddie Ringle helped him get out of trouble by checking his domain against the Spamhaus Domain Block List.

Which OS is Best? That is a Trick Question

We’ve long said that there’s no reason to have a fit if someone else prefers another operating system to the one that you like. We all use computers for different things, and we’re all comfortable with different ways of going about our daily tasks — digital or otherwise. When trying to decide which operating system is “best,” it’s smart to shop around, because you might be pleasantly surprised with the features of an unfamiliar system. So which OS is best? Sherman DeForest calls this a trick question, and here’s why.

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