The Fine Line Between Tech Collector and Tech Hoarder

Have I crossed the line? Do I have too much old tech sitting around in boxes that hasn’t been used in years? One person’s clutter is another person’s collection. Some people I live with (I won’t name names) seem to think that I need to get rid of some of my old stuff to make way for new stuff, so I had a bit of a surprise intervention today — which you’ll see if you watch this TLDR in its entirety.

In other news, Google+ seems to be minus design sense today. Are videos games becoming less accessible to the disabled? Will Instagram change radically now that it’s become a new province in the Facebook empire? Do you know how to make your Windows 7 taskbar a little less cluttered and easier to see? Do you have any favorite simulation-type games? And speaking of games, did you know that developers are finding that they can get funding from their fans through Kickstarter instead of publishers so that they can make the games that they want to make without compromising?