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Who Makes Malware? Am I Paranoid, or Are They After Me?

Last week, Sherman DeForest wrote about old Internet scams not dying. This was prompted by a couple of attempted scams on some of his clients. (He does not count attempts on his own system because he suffers several attacks every day from something or another. He sometimes deliberately lets an isolated machine get infected just to test his protection. This is probably not an activity for the faint of heart.) But he was surprised at the meeting of a club he attends to learn that there seems to be an epidemic of malware attacks in progress. He has no real statistics, but after several months of no one complaining about being attacked, three members related incidents and several nodded. Fortunately, only one of the infections was serious enough to provoke a factory restore.

The Future of Multiplayer PC Games

Being a gamer in the modern age is very different from being one 10 years ago. Gaming is no longer widely perceived as a hobby of the teenager or reclusive nerd. Today, games are overshadowing major Hollywood productions in terms of revenue and each major title release is given the same reception as a highly anticipated blockbuster. When considering what the future might be for multiplayer gaming, it’s important to take a look at the past, and see where things have been going. After all, you might be surprised how many old concepts are set to make a comeback in the modern computing world. With MMOs seeing a decline in numbers and paid subscriptions, perhaps the smaller, more community-driven gaming world is beginning to see signs of a second wind.

Toward a More Accessible Future

It’s been said that judging someone else says more about you than it does about them — especially when your judgments are based on a falsehood. LockerGnome’s Harold Johnson writes about a few of the problems he’s had interacting with people who assume that his body’s unpredictable shaking is due to illicit drug use rather than a neurological condition. Keep an open mind, folks! We need to focus on a more accessible future for all.

Community Moderation and Administration Tips

Being a moderator for a community hub — whether it’s a game server, a discussion forum, an IRC channel, or what have you — can be a thankless chore. Those volunteering to take on the job often go into it thinking that they’re going to become Internet gods, but they quickly find out that the opposite is true. Before you tell someone that you’d be happy to help them moderate their community, you should read these community moderation and administration tips.

TaskRabbit Makes it Easier to Find Help, or Make Money Helping

Moving, cleaning, doing laundry, and even getting things fixed around the house can be a big hassle, especially if you’re weighed down with work and unable to take the time required to get it done. Often, we could use another set of hands around the house from time to time, or even an extra skilled set of eyes on a project around the office. Enter TaskRabbit, a service that makes it easier to find help (or make money helping).

Why Noise Can Increase Your Productivity

Are you the kind of person who can’t get a thing done unless you’re listening to the radio or the television in the background? Or are you the kind of person who thrives in the tomblike silence of a library’s reading room? We’re all wired differently, but here are Ron Schenone’s ideas about why he concentrates on a task at hand better in the midst of some kind of noise.

Just Because You Didn’t Think of It First Doesn’t Mean It’s a Bad Idea

It’s happened to us all. We’ve stumbled upon an idea that we’re sure must be a groundbreaking breakthrough in the history of the world that, it turns out, was already thought of by someone else. How can this be? If someone already dreamed up a spaceship that can also go underwater and drive on roadways, it would surely exist, right? Ah, well. Try and remember: Just because you didn’t think of it first doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

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