The Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas is Awesome

I will repeat what it says above: The Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas is awesome! This is the first time I’ve stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas that doesn’t have a casino in the lobby — and I love it! It doesn’t have that telltale stink of chain-smoking pensioners, the hair oil of seedy hustlers, and fratboy pheromones mingling in a cloudy haze of yuck. There are no loud bells or whistles piercing our eardrums on entrance or exit of the building. Tired old slot machines aren’t vomiting forth soon-to-be-regained piles of ill-gotten treasure into the farm-worn fists of vacationing hayseeds. It’s frankly a really nice change from the Vegas experience I’ve grudgingly accepted from countless visits here in the past — and it’s a change I could easily get used to.

Oh, and wireless Internet that actually works? Perfect! Why can’t more hotels be as on the ball in the 21st century?

Thank you, Donald. You’re not fired.

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we were all able to chat about today from in front of the bustling Las Vegas skyline!

Windows 8: Not a Haven for Developers?

We’ve talked a lot about how Windows 8 might not be as intuitive as older versions of the popular operating system, and how Microsoft may find its adoption a bit of an uphill battle when it’s finally released to the public. So we think consumers may have some trouble with it, but how will Windows 8 be received by developers? Perhaps even worse! Here’s why.

SmileSMS — A Social Network for the Internet Impaired

If you’re in a country that isn’t known for being liberal about its freedom of speech policies, it’s hardly surprising if mobile Internet access is more restricted than you like. In fact, you probably can’t even read this right now. Oops! Anyway, SmileSMS is a new social network that’s taking off in Pakistan that relies on SMS messaging to keep people connected in place of the Internet, which just goes to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

What to Look for in a Multitool

A good multitool can get you out of a number of uncomfortable situations, and provides what amounts to an entire toolbox worth of equipment in a single device that fits in your pocket. I’ve owned about a dozen multitools in my life, varying in size and price while each claimed to be the ultimate solution to life’s challenges. Some have impressed me and remain part of my daily and camping equipment list. Others, not so much. Here are some things to consider when choosing a good multitool.

Is a CNG Vehicle in your Future?

Hybrid and electric vehicles are gaining steam (if you’ll pardon my use of an archaic energy technology to reference the current), but have you considered a CNG — or compressed natural gas — vehicle as an alternative to the common gas guzzler? There are pluses and minuses to the technology, to be sure, and here are some things to consider before submitting your final answer.

Top 10 Reference Android Apps

When you think of research these days, it seems automatic to use Wikipedia or Google as a starting point to help you find references to your subject matter. Beyond these common Web tools, there are even more reference resources that can help you look up information from difference sources. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 reference Android apps that might help you when you just can’t get out of writing that research paper that counts for half your semester’s grade.

How Some Banks Are Unknowingly Punishing Blind Customers

Phill Fernandez, a member of our Gnomies community and a visually impaired geek in his own right, recently brought a story to my attention involving his banking institution and how it has made his life more difficult. Here, we talk about how some banks are unknowingly punishing blind customers.

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