Prototype Pipe Dreams and Social Lubrication

I’ve got to get on a plane to Las Vegas soon — always a bunch of fun when under the influence of a stupid head cold. Diana was kind enough to brew me up a little tea to soothe my body’s aches and pains and make my voice sound more like Mel Torme and less like Elva Miller.

I think I sound more like Kurt “Call me Snake” Russell. It’s a sort of happy medium, I guess.

Would a Scotsman throw you under the bus? Are there advantages to owning an older computer over the latest and greatest? Can an Android smartphone keep you healthy? Can technology keep you educated (in spite of its tendency to distract)? Does Windows 7 try to get you branded as a tattletale among your peers? Can a registered Gnomie get big benefits on Empire Avenue? Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Logitech Driving Force GT Review

You wouldn’t drive a bus with a ping pong paddle or a joystick, right? So why should you settle for driving a simulated bus with inadequate controls? You shouldn’t — and you don’t! Here, new-to-the-fold LockerGnome writer John McKinlay gives us the skinny on the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and pedal controls that were designed with driving games (and simulations) in mind. Sure, it’s made for the PlayStation 3, but with the right drivers (appropriate, right?), you can make the thing work with your PC.

Five Advantages to Owning an Older PC

It can be difficult to feel good about your computer when you read articles about the latest and greatest technology. Add to that every tech-minded podcast or YouTube channel in the world holding up these expensive and seemingly magical devices in front of you and talking about how great they are. Here, we take a look at why owning an older computer may actually be better for you than the latest and greatest the world of tech has to offer.

Top 10 Health Android Apps

We need to stay healthy if we want to live a relatively long and productive life. With the introduction of smartphones, there has been a demand for applications based on anything and everything. One of the major categories is health; everyone wants to stay healthy and apps can help keep track of information and help diagnose problems that you might have with your body. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 health-related Android applications that you should keep handy on your phone.

Five Tech Tips to Help You Study

Being a student in today’s technologically connected world is a double-edged sword. While students have immediate access to more information now than ever before, they also have access to countless distractions that can pull a student’s attention away long enough to render study time ineffective and pretty much useless. After all, how easy would it be for you to tear yourself away from a chapter of your biology book for a round of Angry Birds or some back-and-forth with your classmates via Facebook? Probably too easy. To counter this, here are five tech tips to help you study — six, actually. You’re welcome!

How to Disable Error Reporting in Windows 7

You know the rules of the playground: Snitches get stitches. Also, a kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid. So if Microsoft tries to get you to tattle on Windows for doing something wrong by filing an error report and sending it along to its secret headquarters, you may have second thoughts instilled in you from your rough-and-tumble schoolyard days. If you feel that the right thing to do is just disabling error reporting in Windows 7 altogether, we can tell you how.

The Gnomies Empire Avenue Achievement

Are you an Empire Avenue addict? Are you a registered Gnomie? If you can say yes to both, then enjoy these two great tastes that go great together! On Empire Avenue, registered Gnomies enjoy the following benefits: (e)PIRILLO will buy 200 shares in you. You will receive 200 shares in (e)PIRILLO (currently selling at 523.91 per share!). You’ll gain access to a private, Gnomies-only community on Empire Avenue. You’ll be sent Gnomies-only missions regularly. Oh, and you’ll also receive a one-time 100,000 eaves bonus! Intrigued? Find out how you can unlock the Gnomies Empire Avenue Achievement!

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In spite of misspelling Craighton Miller’s name, it’s still super nice of Morris Malakof of The Unhindered Traveler to mention his LockerGnome article in a recent post about using an Android phone for travel preparation. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

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