It Begins with a Bark, Continues with a Soup, and Ends with A…

Well, technically it began with an 8-bit ditty by resident Gnomie MagicTrax. Then one of the dogs barked (the canine equivalent to applause, I think). Then I had some Mexican soup, which is good for fighting the head cold that seems to be going around and that I somehow managed to pick up — never mind that I almost never leave the house.

I’m not going to say it ended with a bang, but a certain ammunition maker wound up being Gnomie of the Day today…

But that’s how TLDR (The LockerGnome Daily Report) goes. You just never know what’s going to happen!

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

How Technology Can Help You Sleep

Insomnia is no picnic, pilgrims. Many factors can contribute to a lousy night’s sleep (or lack thereof), but thankfully, technology has enabled us to overcome such obstacles to a great degree. Special headphones, analytical tools, and even mobile apps have enabled millions of people to get off the couch and back to bed. Not nodding off just yet? Here is a look at how technology can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Amazon or Google: Who Will Win the Tablet Price War?

LockerGnome’s Ron Schenone — who has experience with the Amazon Kindle Fire, another Android tablet or two, and the Apple iPad — recently stumbled across an article in PC World about an upcoming tablet price war between Amazon and Google. The assessment concluded that Amazon can’t win such a war, but do you agree?

Five Useful Robots You Can Own for Under $500

The dream of one day having a robot in every home has gone from wishful thinking on the part of a science fiction writer to a reality we are rapidly approaching. In fact, there are plenty of useful robots that you can employ in your home right now for under $500. Sure, they may not have the spit and polish of one of the updated models in the blockbuster movie iRobot, but they won’t turn on you, either. At least, that’s what the manufacturers claim. Here are five robots you can buy right now and put to work in your home.

How to Install XP Mode in Windows 7

When it’s 2012 and you’ve gone through the trouble (and paid the cost) of installing Windows 7, you might wonder (and rightfully so) why you might want to use something called an “XP Mode.” After all, when you went through the upgrade process, didn’t you figure that XP was something you’d be leaving behind as a quaint relic of a bygone age? Why regress when the high-paced world of high tech is constantly screaming at you to progress? Well, as it turns out, there are a few reasons to do such a thing. And if you find one, here’s how to install XP mode in Windows 7.

Where is My Flying Car?

The dream of flying cars has long been a staple in the world of geekery, emphasized in the 1980s by the Back to the Future series, and solidified as a dream through countless prototypes and inventive hopefuls. Unfortunately, that dream has yet to become a reality. Or maybe it’s fortunate when you think about how a lot of drivers can’t seem to handle driving on the ground, let alone adding the dimension of up and down to the equation. Bo and Luke Duke sort of drove a car that could fly all the way back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but I’m not sure that’s exactly what we had in mind when looking toward a future of flying cars.

How to Create a Professional Social Media Presence

Potential clients and potential employers will look at your social media profile — just assume this is true. They need to see signs of support that you are who you say you are, looking at everything from spelling correctly to having proper job history on LinkedIn, et al. Your messages, photos, conversations: all of these matter. Learn how to create a better social media presence for yourself with this Wednesday’s webinar. Register for the series by signing up here and showing up at 5 PM PST on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012. The webinar, like all other Gnomies webinars, will be recorded.

Back Link of the Day

Thanks to The Tech Dogs for mentioning LockerGnome in a post about updating the Amazon Kindle Fire to its newest version (6.3)! If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

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