Disaster Scam Transformer Obsolescence

How will you fend off hungry hordes when they’re trying to take your food supplies during the zombie apocalypse? Do old scams stick around purely because suckers keep falling for them? Can a die-hard Apple iPad fan be enticed to endorse the Asus Transformer Prime? Ever wonder what’s so hard about running a game server? Can you build a decent website in Windows 7? And does the world even need game publishers anymore when developers can sell their own stuff over the Internet without selling out to The Man? How many registered Gnomies does it take to swing a lightsaber?

Here are some of the things on LockerGnome.com and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Five Tips to Help You Prepare for a Disaster

Polar shifts, an oil crisis, nuclear war, major earthquakes, and even alien invasions are on the lists of ways the Earth might suffer a catastrophic event destined to destroy civilization as we know it. There’s even the popular assertion that the world will end when the Mayan calendar reaches the finish line of its current cycle in December of 2012 (despite not accounting for leap year). What will you do when the end is truly nigh? Here are five tips that can help you should you survive the initial brunt of a catastrophic disaster.

Old Scams Never Die — at Least Not While They Still Work

Old standard scams seem to be a reliable source of income or perverted fun for those who are inclined to cheat and steal for a living or who simply have too much time on their hands. They exist in a world where they undergo brutal evolutionary forces. If the scams don’t make any money, they either mutate or die. Here, we talk a little bit about the nature of scams and how would-be victims can help kill them off by not falling for them.

Asus Transformer Prime Review

It may seem to many of you that an Asus Transformer Prime review is passé since the thing was released some three months ago. However, this is Ron Schenone’s tale of going from skeptical iPad enthusiast to giving this new tablet a chance. In other words, his opinion appears to have been “transformed” by the Transformer Prime after having the chance to play around with one for a little while.

Five Tips on Operating a Game Server

The running or operating of a game server is rarely as easy as setting up the server in the first place. Many games, like Minecraft, have easy server setup software — but this isn’t always the case. When undertaking such a task, you should be prepared for what you’re getting into. To help you out, here are five tips for operating a game server so you’ll at least have an idea if it’s something you can handle.

How to Build Websites in Windows 7

Ever wondered how to build websites in Windows 7? Windows can be an excellent environment for Web development, especially for programmers who enjoy working directly with code. After all, does it really matter what platform you’re using when editing code? What can help are several useful apps that may enhance or help the scripting process. Here, we take a look at some of these helpful Windows-only or Windows-primary tools, and explain why they may be of use to the aspiring Web developer as they attempt to get more done on the Windows platform.

Game Publishers Are Obsolete — So Why Haven’t Developers Ditched Them Yet?

Indie developers are cool. They think up an idea for a game. They develop the code and art for a game. And, when the game is complete, they sell the game all by themselves. This makes them cool because they do not rely on any sort of outside funding from a game publisher in order to promote their games through advertisements, or sell the games in retail boxes. With the evolution of the Internet, indie developers have had an even easier time of getting their game out there and into the hands of gamers. It is much easier and much cheaper to offer your game for download on a website than it is to get it on the shelves of a major retailer. The expenses saved by going the digital route can be put right back into making the game awesome, which makes for happy gamers. So does this mean that game publishers are obsolete? If so, why haven’t developers ditched them yet?

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