Vader Tots Via Wife-Fi

When you join The Dark Side, you get cookies. Or so you’re told. At first bite, though, it’s clear by the wooly taste upon your tongue that you may have just misheard the word “Wookiees.” An easy mistake to make, I suppose. Either way, you’re in for a sweet-tooth-soothing explosion of flavor.

Some initiates may opt for other treats, such as Ewok-fried rice, tauntaun bonbons, spare Bib Fortunas, or a soothing cup of chocolatey delicious Swiss Chiss.

But I’d avoid the Mon Calamari unless you’re 100% sure it’s fresh.

Me? I go with Vader Tots. I’d advise dining on them in moderation, however, as they’re heck on anyone with asthma.

10 out of 11 registered Gnomies wrap savory strips of Gamorrean around just about everything — from chocolate to hot dogs. “Tastes just like bacon!” I’ve been told. Mmmmm, bacon.

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

When You Share Your World, the World Shares You

Macintosh enthusiast and video broadcaster Christopher Hills doesn’t let a nuisance like cerebral palsy cramp his style. With assistance of special software, he’s able to accomplish more with only the use of his head and a switch than a crew of us at LockerGnome on the busiest of days. Sadly, because the company that makes this software has said that it’s not doing any further updates, Christopher is unable to upgrade his Mac’s OS X! What can the community do to solve this problem?

Top 10 Photography Android Apps

Who needs a big, bulky camera anymore? Today’s Android devices are getting to the point where they are comparable to point-and-shoot cameras. If you’re a casual shutterbug, your Android device can take some pretty amazing photos; there are some great applications out there to help enhance your camera and the photos that you take. Here’s our top 10 photography Android apps.

Why I Switched from Rhapsody to Spotify

Music streaming services aplenty exist on the Internet to suit every taste — no matter how eclectic. Whether you like Last.FM, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, Magnatune, or one of the others, you probably have your reasons for sticking with your preference. Here are some reasons why Matt Ryan made the switch from Rhapsody to Spotify.

Mozilla Launches BrowserQuest – a Look at the Possibilities of Modern Web Technologies

We’ve known for a long time that HTML5 and other modern Web technologies have made it possible to do some remarkable things in a browser. Angry Birds has been available as a Web app, as have productivity apps such as Google Docs. But what about a massively multiplayer online game that allows you to fight creatures, build up your character, and adventure with friends? Mozilla has released an answer to this question with BrowserQuest, a massively multiplayer game that showcases what a modern browser can do without the needs of any additional downloads, plugins, or extensions. Here is a look at some of the Web technologies used to build BrowserQuest.

Only Spiders and Jerks Don’t Adhere to Web Standards

Remember when websites would all but sabotage your attempts to access their content if you dared to wind up there by using a browser that the site’s webmaster didn’t like? While sometimes the only nuisance was in how poorly this content would appear in your maligned browser, some malicious sites would include code that was designed to actually crash your browser (if not your whole operating system) as punishment for being so clueless! Nowadays, with so many browser choices available, it’s clear that site creators who can’t adhere to the simplicity of Web standards must be sort of cluless, themselves.

Wednesday’s Webinar: What to Consider Before Starting a Web Show

If you have ever considered starting a Web show for yourself or your company, you may be wondering what needs to happen to get your show started on the right foot. While it may be easy to ask yourself countless questions about various small details that may or may not actually matter much in the long run, there are some important considerations to take into account before any Web show records that first episode. In Wednesday’s webinar, we’ll discuss what you should be asking yourself before you record your first episode.

Are You Connected with Your Fellow Gnomies?

Are you a registered Gnomie? Don’t be a wallflower! Get involved with the community!

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