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You told me to switch from iOS to Android and now my wife won’t talk to me. Thanks a bunch, guys. People are always telling me that something I love isn’t as good as something else, or that their operating system of choice is “better” than what I’ve had a misguided preference toward.

And when I tell people why I like certain things that Apple does in comparison to the way that Microsoft or some other company does things, I’ll invariably be called a “fanboy.” The truth of the matter is, I’ve slammed Apple in favor of Microsoft products before, too — and will likely, again. As consumers, we should be happy — even relieved — when one company doesn’t get it right 100% of the time. What fun would a world of tech be without competition between the companies that bring us our new toys? The fact that I like things one way and you like them another is a good thing. It gives us choices. It drives technology in directions that are more tailored toward our individual needs. More diversity means more of us — not less of us — are capable of being happy as new innovations are delivered to us constantly.

Context is everything! I’m not going to judge you because you find that Android-powered devices work better for your needs — even though it may boggle my mind because I happen to like iOS in its current state more.

Diana still thinks you’re very silly, however. You must not be a registered Gnomie? You can change that!

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Why Are Stolen Phones Being Reactivated by Wireless Carriers?

Have you ever had your cellphone stolen? If so, you know the frustration of having lost all your contact information and the general overall inconvenience and expense of having to replace it. Apparently, however, these problems are of little concern to the big corporations that are only worried about the almighty dollar. Instead of trying to recover pilfered smartphones by tracking them, these corporations allow thieves to sell the stolen units and even grant them new phone numbers despite the fact that a victim may have been beaten, kicked to the ground, and injured in order to steal their smartphone. The simple question without a reasonable answer seems to be: Why are stolen phones being reactivated by wireless carriers?

Can Windows 8 Tablets Compete with the iPad?

Microsoft is putting a lot on the table with the upcoming release of Windows 8. Not only will it be the most significant change to the platform’s UI since Windows 95 first appeared almost 20 years ago, but it also signals the latest in a long history of attempts by Microsoft to get a firm grip on the tablet and mobile markets. Currently, the iPad holds rank at an astounding 96% of all enterprise tablet computer purchases, and Microsoft wants nothing more than to grab some of this very profitable market for itself. Mobile phones are also an area in which Microsoft is losing ground, with the iPhone holding 53% of the enterprise market Can Windows 8 tablets compete with the iPad?

“Better” is Relative

Since the dawn of time, we have argued over which is best. There is no doubt that our ancestors argued over which animal skin was better for keeping you warm or over whether it was better to cook your beef or leave it raw. Now we argue over which fast food outlet is better or which unnamed cola brand is the best. We even argue over which technology companies produce the best phones and phone operating system. The truth is, and always will be, better is relative.

Why Web Apps Might Beat out Native Apps on the Mobile Front

Many “modern” developers and programmers can say that they began with a language of the Web, and expanded out from there. Based on this, it seems that the most recognizable languages are those used to build Web applications. So what are the benefits of utilizing the languages of the Web to build mobile applications? Here’s why Web apps might beat out native apps on the mobile front.

How Can You Help Clients Protect Themselves when They Will Not Listen?

You can repeat good advice countless times to someone and it just never sinks in. While this can be frustrating if you’re the one dispensing the advice, sometimes you just have to resign your efforts to the fact that some people just never learn a lesson until its consequences arrive the hard way. Sherman DeForest was recently put in the position of having to give one of his computer repair clients the sad news of a failed hard drive and the complete loss of all data in spite of having warned the client about the hazards of not backing up a system. But how can you help clients protect themselves when they will not listen?

Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Live Messenger

Love it or hate it, The Pirate Bay is one of the largest and most recognizable sources for BitTorrent files on the Web. Essentially acting as a magnet link host rather than a content host itself, the question of The Pirate Bay’s legality has been debated throughout the International press and in courtrooms around the world. Recently, Microsoft began censoring links to The Pirate Bay in its Live Messenger service, and people have been crying foul! However, there are more than a few good reasons why such so-called censorship may be fully justified.

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