It Says That UFOs Don’t Spin, Or Else It Gets the Probe, Again

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Today, we’ve got computers that demand fair treatment, aliens who run on a very strict timetable (or do they?), Windows passwords that have gone missing and how to find them, the reason why successful ninjas avoid eating spicy Cheetos, tech used in everyday life, and how Britannia is plotting to rule the colonies once again.

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Can You Use the Internet to Predict an Alien Invasion?

To set the stage, suppose you are outside at night with some friends, or a potential special friend that you want to impress in a private way. You start the event by saying you have a hunch about a nova that might light up the night sky right there (pointing). Novae are rare and very special, so seeing one would be the treat of a lifetime. As you point, a sudden light appears right there in the sky, and it is more than 10 times as bright as Venus at its brightest! The light lasts for a few seconds while your audience gasps and then disappears. “Not much so far as novae go…” you shrug, assume a nonchalant air, and immediately change the subject. With luck, they will not notice a slight motion of the light, which would immediately show that it was not a star, but a satellite. But how can you predict when a satellite will be going overhead at that exact moment?

How to Deal with a Forgotten Windows Password

Forgetting your Windows 7 Administrator password can leave you without access to your system, or worse. This could happen out of honest forgetfulness, the result of idiotic roommates with nothing better to do, or any number of other situations that could result in a total loss of access to your system. Thankfully, being locked out doesn’t mean you can’t regain control through one of several different tools available to you free of charge. In fact, all you really need is a USB thumb drive and/or another computer to install the recovery software on. In many cases, you can recover your Windows administrative password in just a few minutes. Here are some methods to help you regain access to Windows when you’ve forgotten your password.

Computers Are People, Too

It doesn’t matter how much of a tech guru you are; sometimes a computer will frustrate you so much that you will want to throw that computer out a window. You may then want to take a different route outdoors yourself to where that computer landed and proceed to take a sledgehammer to the parts that failed to properly disassemble during the computer’s meeting with the ground. You may then even want to load the stubborn remains of that computer with strategically placed M-80 firecrackers and proceed to light those firecrackers and watch your old friend explode. Parts will always remain, inevitably, so you’ll want to take those remaining parts and toss them into a Blendtec, essentially incinerating what’s left. If you’re like me, you’ll be feeling guilty at that point and will want to take the dusty remains out to sea for a proper burial. But should you really be so harsh to this infuriating technology? Remember: computers are people, too.

Technical Questions: How Should You Respond?

Just 10 years ago, technical questions were fairly simple to answer. Today, that has changed. One must remember that, back then, home consumers had few choices while businesses were more or less tied to their servers that were accessed via either a dumb terminal or a desktop system running Windows. With the introduction of Windows XP, we geeks found ourselves in the enviable position of being able to recommend a computer system loaded with XP for both personal and business computers alike. However, as simple as this made it for us, technology continued to move forward and today’s computer scene has changed dramatically with the introduction of laptop systems that are now just as powerful as our desktops once were. When trying to ascertain a computer user’s needs, how do you respond to technical questions?

What Tech Do You Use Every Day?

What computer do you use? What kind of phone do you have? Do you use a specific camera? These questions are common because folks love to find out what other people work with while making their own buying decisions. What tech do you use on a daily basis? Is there a particular computer, phone, camera, or other electronic gadget or gizmo that you would absolutely recommend to your friends and family?

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