Does This New iPad Make Me Look Fat?

Reports have come out lately that the new iPad is too hot to handle. I would contend that it’s somewhere between there and too cold to hold — which means that it’s warm, yes. But not too warm. Especially if the threat of sterility from holding it on your lap doesn’t scare you in the least bit.

Who needs kids when you can have pets, right? Pets and iPads! So do you really need a new iPad? (Or a new pet, for that matter?) Would you get free 4G mobile broadband service from NetZero? What will Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko Mobile OS give us that the other mobile OSes aren’t already giving us? And how much is your opinion worth?

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

A (Very) Early Look at Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko Mobile OS

When Eddie Ringle got the news that Mozilla was planning to enter the Mobile OS battlefield, he had to admit that he was shocked. Mozilla does not seem like the organization that would be interested in the mobile space that Apple and Google have so spectacularly dominated. However, what really turned his head was when Mozilla boasted that its new mobile OS, coined Boot2Gecko, would be built entirely from Web technologies. Here’s what he has to say about a very early look at Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko Mobile OS.

NetZero Offering Free 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Free isn’t a word you hear very often in the world of Internet service providers, but there are occasions where it comes up, typically with pages of disclaimers and hidden charges. Recently, NetZero introduced its latest service option featuring 4G mobile broadband with no contracts and a liquid plan selection allowing you to switch between plans as needed. One plan, offering 200 MB of monthly data, features a monthly cost of zero. How is this possible, you might ask? How can you have what amounts to free Internet service, especially mobile service through a 4G hotspot?

How Much is Your Opinion Worth?

When was the last time you got a call from Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Enron, G.E., Lockheed, or any major American corporation asking you and you alone what your opinion was regarding any of their products? For that matter, have they ever asked you your opinion on how they could improve upon a product, making it more user friendly, and then actually implemented the ideas you recommended? As a consumer, it’s easy to feel like “the little guy” — ever wonder how much your opinion is worth?

Five Reasons Not to Buy the New iPad

While graphics performance has improved, the camera technology was significantly upgraded from the iPad 2, and the screen is certainly different, is there really any reason to pick this one up over the original iPad or iPad 2? After all, when are you actually going to use that built-in camera for more than an occasional shot or two you could very well take from your smartphone or digital camera? Here are five reasons not to buy the new iPad.

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