Is There a Better Time to Broadcast The LockerGnome Daily Report?

Are you able to tune in often to TLDR (the LockerGnome Daily Report, aka Too Long; Didn’t Read) at our regularly scheduled time of 3:00 p.m. Pacific, or would there be a better time for us to broadcast? Obviously, we know we can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we’d sure like to please as many as we can. It just makes sense for us to fine-tune our daily time slot according to the loyal LockerGnome audience. We’re all over the world, after all, and it would be unfair for me to cater purely to the people who live in my time zone!

So let me know what works best for you. I’m all ears. Well, eyes, really, because you’ll likely be contacting me in the comments of the TLDR video, this entry on my site, or IRC chat if you’re a registered Gnomie.

Help me help you! Then we can help us, together.

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Who Do You Trust when Buying Electronics: Web Reviews or a Salesperson?

One of the biggest changes in our digital lives is the way that most of us do our shopping. Many of us, including me, spend our time shopping online for the products that we wish to purchase. One of the main reasons for our compulsion with online buying is that there is no need to be involved with a salesperson. No offense to those in the retail business, but I would rather depend on my own analysis and judgment in making a purchase than on your limited advice, no matter how well meaning it may be. So how about you? Who do you trust when buying electronics: Web reviews or a salesperson?

Why More Bloggers Don’t Write About Linux

Almost every post we put out there about OS X or Windows is met with a comment, email, or a private message from someone who feels the need to point out that Linux did whatever it is we wrote about first and better. Undoubtedly, with such unbridled enthusiasm from the user base, you would think the market share of Linux on home desktop computers would be significantly higher than it is. Sadly, it isn’t. Here are some very good reasons why more bloggers don’t write about Linux (even if we agree that, in concept, it can be pretty awesome).

Lenovo Brings Dual Displays to the Mobile Office with USB Powered ThinkVision Monitors

LockerGnome columnist Matt Ryan writes: “Let’s be real here: No one wants to bring their entire home office with them on trips — even if it means sacrificing productivity in order to stay mobile. Enter the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14″ USB monitor. This 14″ display has immediately become a key component in my home and mobile office during video editing, collaboration, and other tasks that are just too difficult to do on my MacBook Pro’s 13” screen. Using a USB port alone, I’m able to extend my desktop to another monitor, giving me more than double the window space without adding a ton of bulk to my desk. Here are some thoughts on the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14″ USB monitor, and how it changed the way I get things done.”

Why Linux Can’t “Sell” on the Desktop

Why would anyone want to use Linux as their everyday desktop (or laptop) operating system? It’s a fair question, and asked often of Linux. Even the Linux evangalist may want to take a step back and examine the reasons they could give to a non-Linux user in order to convert them to the cause — or at least better understand the reasons for their own convictions when trying to “sell” this open source way of doing things to the masses.

Childcare on a Double Income or Stay at Home on a Single Income?

Making a go of it in today’s economy can be rough for a family that’s trying to survive on a single income, but when children are involved, there may be unconsidered benefits when one of the parents is able to stay at home to raise them. So if you’re ever faced with the decision to raise your own children but lose half of your household income or surrender the children to the mercy of childcare outside of the home and keep the double influx of financial resources, which would you choose?

Back Link of the Day

Thanks to MACNATICO for linking to the video of my dad showing how real people will use Windows 8. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

Feel bad because you missed out on today’s live TLDR? Don’t despair! Join us live tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Pacific (until we tell you otherwise based on feedback that you send us!) for the next edition of The LockerGnome Daily Report!

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