Greedy Google Gaming Gumdrops

Is Google getting greedy? Is it possible to explain how Sleep Number beds work in a world where even magnets are a mystery to the layman and juggalo, alike? Can one PasswordMaker rule them all? Are you sick of us always talking about iPhone apps because you’ve got some Android device or another? Do you have good reason to activate the parental controls on your Windows 7 machine because you’ve got a sketchy roommate who likes to use it for downloading pictures of celebrity feet when you’re not home? And is paying for downloadable content on a gaming console worth it to you?

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we talked about today!

Is Google Greedy?

Google has introduced its answer to just about every popular Internet technology it can, providing us with alternative operating systems, alternative social networking platforms, and alternative productivity applications. Now Google intends to alter the bread and butter of its operation: its search. Has Google gone too far? Is Google getting too greedy?

How Sleep Number Beds Work

If you’re a bit of an insomniac, you’ve probably seen infomercials and countless commercials about Sleep Number beds. These beds boast giving a perfect night’s sleep through finding and maintaining a firmness level that fits your body’s needs. Taking it a step further, both you and your partner can share the same bed while maintaining a different firmness setting for each of you. If you prefer a firmer mattress than your spouse, this is possible on the Sleep Number bed without putting two mismatched mattresses on the same frame. Admittedly, this is a pretty cool concept, but how do Sleep Number beds actually work?

Keeping Your Online Accounts Secure: The PasswordMaker Method

With password manager PasswordMaker, the concept is simple: one password to rule them all. You hand PasswordMaker one master password along with various other parameters (like a URL or password length), and it will generate a complex and — most important — unique password for the site you are currently visiting. You get all the benefits of a simple “common English” password (ease of remembering and typing) in addition to the benefits of a highly secure permutation of alphanumeric characters and symbols. This means you can generate a password 20 characters long from a phrase half the length. Best of all, your master password is never handed out to anyone; it is yours and yours alone.

Top 10 Gaming Android Apps

We love Android — well, some of us do, anyways. If you thought we’d be all about iOS apps, you’re wrong; it’s just a little trickier to pick out our top Android apps because there are a lot of different Android devices, and this means that some of them won’t support some of the apps that we mention. We’ve done our best to pick out the top 10 gaming Android apps that hit the largest variety of devices out there.

How to Set Parental Controls in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a number of useful features that can help PC owners control what a particular user can do, and when they are able to do it. For example, a parent can block games that possess particular elements that may not be conducive to the environment they feel their children should be subjected to. Alternatively, a general purpose PC shared by a group of roommates (or guests) may be better managed through allowing only specific programs to be executed by certain users. Does that get your attention? Great! Here’s how to set parental controls in Windows 7.

DLC (Downloadable Content): a Blessing or a Curse?

Gamers love the chase and thrill of unlocking new content not available to others — being able to show off such achievements is like displaying trophies in a case. Gaming companies have learned how to use this as a way to lure gamers into paying for additional, downloadable content when they’ve unlocked the ability to do so. So is downloadable content (DLC) a blessing or a curse?

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