Wedding Twin Powers: Activate!

If you were around last Friday, you may have been privy to our most matrimonious ceremony wherein Diana and I tied the knot and made it official: We’re now husband and wife! (See the ring?)

Don’t worry. I’m not doing anything crazy and untraditionally bizarre like taking Diana’s last name (it would be confusing to everyone — including me). We considered tossing a coin to see who got stuck having to change their name, but then I realized that Diana would probably try and trick me with one of those fake, two-headed nickels. She looks very sweet, but she’s got a devious streak — don’t be fooled for an instant!

Judy (and Joe) Pirillo didn’t raise no dummy, no how!

And since we just got back from our honeymoon on top of dealing with the missing hour of Daylight Savings Time, I’m going to make this short before I topple over and pass out! Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Which Operating System is Best? Well, Depends…

Many decisions are compounded by seemingly unrelated events. Today let us consider various operating systems. Selecting one is truly a more complex decision than simply buying a computer with the latest Windows version pre-installed — if you want the best, whatever that is. So here is the conundrum: live with XP until life becomes unbearable; live with it until Windows 8 is released and see if it can be installed on an obsolete system; scrap or donate the old machine and buy a new one.

Now is a Great Time to Buy a First or Second Generation Apple iPad

While it could be easy to find yourself in a quandary when someone starts talking about the different iPads, you should understand that the confusion is just a result of Apple failing to assign different mantras to the three different generations of its popular tablet. This confusion has been specifically noticed with the release of its newest upgrade, which the company is simply calling the “new” iPad. But what’s happening with the “old” iPads? Well, they’re still being sold (and for less than the recent addition to the collection). Here’s why now is a great time to buy a first or second generation Apple iPad.

Beta Ubuntu Vs. Beta Windows: Good Experience?

LockerGnome columnist Sherman DeForest recently tried out both the beta Windows 8 and beta Ubuntu operating systems. When comparing the pros and cons of each beta experience, what was discovered (and which one came out being the preferred operating system)?

Why Regular People May Not Like Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Over the past week and a half, LockerGnome columnist Matt Ryan has been writing about Windows 8 from a first-hand point of view. He still intends to use Windows 8 in a production capacity, though his primary system has been restored and is now back on Windows 7. While Windows 8 is still in beta, his negative experiences may not translate to the finished product (we cross our fingers as we say so). But for now, there are a few bugs that need to get squashed before Matt can depend on Windows 8 for his daily needs. From his point of view so far, here’s why regular people may not like Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

What to Do Before You Use That New PC

When an old computer is so obsolete that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to keep up with its quirks, getting a new computer is what we usually wind up doing. Nowadays, they’re so much cheaper than they used to be relative to the power you’ll get out of the box. LockerGnome writer Harold Johnson recently picked up a new system and it reminded him to share his tips about what to do before you use that new PC.

Top 10 Navigation iPhone Apps

Why use maps or dedicated GPS units when your smartphone — in this case, your iPhone — can tell you exactly where you need to go? Just remember as you’re reading these top 10 navigation iPhone apps that even the best GPS apps don’t substitute for your brain and drive your car like some kind of self-directed David Hasselhoff vehicle.

Back Link of the Day

Thanks to MikeBed96 for linking to a LockerGnome article about the Windows 8 RSS News app and how it may revolutionize the way you take in your daily dose of information. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Twin Powers: Activate!”

  1. OK – you know you’ve been following somebody for a while (quite a while) when:
     – at first they were living in location A, working at job 1 (not Ford – that would have been written “Job 1”, not simply “job 1”), and married to person ABC;
     – they then moved to location B
     – the move to loc B was to take job 2
     – after a few years job 2 was left to focus on job 3
     – years later they joined the rest of the “cool kids” and got divorced 🙁
     – yet years later they meet up with the person XYZ, ultimately becoming their wife.

    Congrats on the marriage!  Some of us other “cool kids” wish we were so fortunate!

  2. When beginning with a new Windows computer, you might also want to use Ninite. You go to and check all the free applications you’d like to have installed. The installer you can then download, installs all the selected applications automatically.

    – If you have a 64 bit Windows, the installer will get the 64 bit version of an application, if one is available.
    – It will also get the application in whatever language is used by Windows, again, if one is available.

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