Caffeine-free Wedding Day Adrenaline Rush

Hi, everyone! I’m Chris Pirillo, and today’s my wedding day. To be fair, it’s also Diana’s wedding day, and I imagine that she’s handling it better than I am. After all, she’s a smooth operator and I’m a nervous nellie. I bounce when I talk and gesticulate wildly on a normal day, but if you didn’t notice during today’s TLDR, I was even a little more jittery than usual — and caffeine free, to boot!

If you’ve never gone through your own wedding day, it’s a little hard to describe the feeling. It’s like a combination of tummy butterflies that you get before speaking in public for the first time, and having your heart flown over your favorite place in the world on a wind-tossed kite while there’s the constant distraction of a loud jukebox next to your head that only plays the best songs ever.

Oh! And imagine that this is happening while you’re trying to tread water in a pond and your toes are being tickled by koi kisses. It’s joyous and frightening and exhilarating all at once, and it’s hard to catch your breath.

Oh, fine. You go get married and see if you can’t describe it better, then — I’ve got a lot to think about today! Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about while I fidgeted gleefully!

Frolickin’ Fridays for Swingin’ Singles

Like I said before, Diana and I are getting married today — and that’s a wonderful thing, particularly if you’re pro-marriage. Some people are anti-marriage. All animals are anti-marriage. Well, most animals. If you consider humans to be animals, then we’re the only animal species that participates in this institution we call Marriage (you know, with a capital M for emphasis). We’re the only ones who actually get written or typed certificates that declare our marriage. Animals don’t do that. Is it because they’re smarter? Possibly. I’d also bet that other animals don’t like certificates — or anything that smells like a contract.

Five Big Changes in Windows 8 That Benefit Desktop Users

Matt Ryan has been using Windows 8 as his primary operating system for about a week now, and it seems that every day a new feature or method of getting something done presents itself. Undoubtedly, the programmers at Microsoft have been working overtime since the launch of Windows 7 to create something that redefines the Windows experience. Here, Matt talks about five big changes in Windows 8 that benefit desktop users.

Do You Use Mobile Security for Your Android Devices?

Unfortunately, today we need protection if we have any hope of keeping our identity safe and/or our computers free of infection. However, while keeping up with protection in these areas is often hard enough for the majority of us, it seems that there are those out there who enjoy causing havoc with our time and money. These individuals have apparently become bored with just hacking into the standard Windows programs and are now directing their malicious attacks toward our Android devices. It is interesting to note, though, that the iPad and iPhone, which use iOS, are virus-free and there is no protection needed (knock on wood). Do you use mobile security for your Android devices?

Are Video Games Consuming Our Lives?

Do you spend too much time playing video games? Is the world at large wasting too much time galavanting about in fake worlds when its citizens could better spend that time working out real-world solutions to real-world problems? It’s been said that “Modern Warfare 2 players have invested more than 1.75 billion hours (200,000+ years) of gameplay on Xbox Live alone since release.” Can you even wrap your mind around how much time that really is? Civilizations have risen and fallen (and risen and fallen again a few times more) in that span. Would we be colonizing other planets in other star systems by now if it weren’t for the tremendous waste of time that video games bring to us?

How to Bring Back the Old Start Menu in Windows 8

Windows 8 has received a lot of press surrounding the “missing” Start button and its replacement with the Metro UI. Over the past week, tutorials and third-party software developers have been working hard to remedy this problem. Today, we can recreate much of what the Start Menu once was through the use of third-party software or a little tweaking of a couple integrated features that currently exist on the Consumer Preview. Here are some methods by which you can enjoy Start menu functionality within Windows 8.

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  1. To one of my most favorite geeks, wishing you and Diana all the best in the world.  I truly mean that from the bottom of my geekette heart!  

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