Regarding Windows 8, Even Joe Pirillo Thinks I’m Right!

My dad is Joe;
He’s in the know
About a lot of stuff.

Tried Windows 8 —
On touchscreens? Great!
By mouse, it’s kind of rough.

I think Windows 8 will shine in touchscreen situations, but in a desktop setting, I predict catastrophe. My dad agrees with me, and you can see his first experiences with Windows 8 in a video we made yesterday for our YouTube channel. He was a good sport about it, even though I refused to help him through the ordeal. Point proven? You be the judge!

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But even if you’re not a registered Gnomie, here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we were all able to chat about today — 100% free of charge!

Why is It “The new iPad” and Not “iPad 3? or “iPad HD?”

A lot of people are shocked and appalled and irate and causing a hullabaloo about how silly Apple is for settling on “the new iPad” as the name of its… well, newest incarnation of the popular tablet computer that was announced yesterday. Why isn’t it the iPad 3? Why isn’t it the iPad HD? Why isn’t it the iTouch? Well, here are some reasons that I think the new iPad is a completely fine thing to call… the new iPad.

Five Reasons Windows 8 Could Be a Success

Windows 8 has been in beta for almost a week now, and after having read countless blog posts and user comments about the pros and cons found in the consumer preview, it became clear that Microsoft is doing everything it can to reinvent the way people think about desktop and mobile operating systems. Whether or not you agree with the Metro UI being added in parallel to the Aero interface we experienced in Windows 7, it’s hard to overlook the potential impact this change could have on the consumer market. But that’s not all! Here are five reasons why Windows 8 could be a success.

PC to Mac or Mac to PC: Have You Changed?

I’ve said it many times: There’s no such thing as a perfect operating system. They all have their strengths and weaknesses; it’s how we navigate around them to suit our needs that makes the difference for each of us. Trying to convert someone else to your operating system of choice is a pointless endeavor, because what works well for you may not work well for them. And you know what? That’s okay. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s still interesting to find out the reasons behind why someone has decided to make the change from one operating system to another. Have you ever switched from PC to Mac? Mac to PC? Rusty unicycle to untethered burro? Tell us why!

Is Your Computer Killing You?

You’ve got enough to worry about, right? It’s 2012 and silly people keep insisting that the Maya-foretold doomsday is nigh. But aside from that, there’s air pollution blackening your lungs, carcinogens in your food, space junk falling out of the sky, and earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, brush fires, and other calamities threatening your safety wherever you may roam. And what are Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster plotting behind the closed doors of their Illuminati bunker under the Pentagon? Who cares? Your most trusted friend and household appliance — your computer — may be killing you!

How to Set Up Soundflower for Audio Recording

If a Soundflower falls in the Soundgarden and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? I couldn’t tell you. Not because I’m sworn to uphold some vow of secrecy that I made with Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster in their Illuminati bunker under the Pentagon, but because it’s a question that’s impossible to answer. Also, Chris Cornell is probably screaming way too loudly for anyone to get a proper reading even with the most sophisticated recording equipment available. But if you want to use the Soundflower software for something mundane like audio recording for a podcast, here’s how to set up Soundflower for audio recording.

Living Behind the Hardware Curve

While it’s easy to envy people who have all the money to get fancy new gadgets, devices, doohickeys, and suchlike on the day they’re launched, there are a few advantages to living behind the hardware curve that you may not have considered. After all, when your horse and buggy breaks down, who are you going to trust to fix it: the local BMW mechanic, or the Amish guy 20 miles outside of town?

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