That new iPad Smell (Don’t You Dare Say iPad 3)

Earlier today, we shared our thoughts about Apple’s iPad 3 announcement (or, as the company is calling it, the new iPad) as it was happening. For some reason, we had an extra special assortment of trolls who didn’t seem to understand that we couldn’t stream the Apple event in real time (as that would be illegal), and gave us royal heck for it. Trying to communicate sense to people who have an itchy trigger finger for the YouTube “dislike” button whenever they see something they can’t or don’t want to comprehend is an exercise in futility.

To them, I can only shake my head in sorrow and say, sincerely, “I’m sorry that you’re so dumb.”

But for those who tuned in and took the journey with us to have a real conversation about the iPad 3 new iPad revelations as they were happening, I heart you!

The short of it: Will I be upgrading? Well, sure. It’s sort of my job to stay current with the latest gadgetry and talk about it with people. Would I recommend a new iPad upgrade to everyone? Well, that depends on a few things. If you already have an iPad 2, then this may not be such a big upgrade for you and you may want to hold off until the next big version (the new new iPad?) comes out if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a lot of extra cash to throw around. If you don’t have an iPad 2 stand, then now might be the time to pick one up, as the prices will drop accordingly. But if your finances are comfortable and you really want the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer, then the new iPad may be perfect for you.

Anyway, here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today! My Dad is in town for the wedding on Friday, so he treated us to a little Joe time in TLDR. Enjoy!

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac: Windows 8 and Beyond

Parallels is currently offering an impressive deal in its flagship program, Parallels Desktop 7. Parallels has long been one of the most popular and feature-rich virtual machine solutions for the Mac. Running within OS X, Parallels gives you the ability to run one or several virtual machines loaded with Windows, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, and more in a seamless fashion without sacrificing most of your system’s performance to do so. For a limited time, Parallels is being offered at a discounted rate during the Parallels Mac Madness sale. You can pick up a copy of Parallels Desktop 7 for 25% off ($59.99 versus $79.99) or upgrade your existing copy of Parallels 6 at 40% off ($29.99 versus $49.99), and if you retweet the message in the article, you have a chance to win MacBook Pro or iPad 2 and Parallels for Mac.

What is a Mastermind Group? Gnomies Is!

One of the best self-help books ever written was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you have never read it, read it. It’s the bible for successful people. One of the key principles taught in this book is about the importance of joining a Mastermind group. A Mastermind group is a group of selected and qualified people who agree to help each other through various challenges. Jerry Hobby and I will delve into the concepts of setting up and participating in a Mastermind group. Do not miss this webinar!

Keep it Simple with Google Logins

Google has made its fortune on helping us adhere to the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy to get the most out of how we interact with and absorb information in this speedy age of high tech. Here, we go over a few ways to easily log in to a few of Google’s services as simply as humanly possible.

Local Small Businesses Marketing Discussion

I’m getting in the habit of recording audio of my business discussions (with permission from participants). My hope is that Gnomies who are interested in the conversation would be interested in being a fly on the wall. This particular evening was spent discussing an array of topics, though we seemed to spend a fair amount of time talking about why WordPress might make for a better web site management system. If you’re a registered Gnomie, you can listen to the entire Local Small Businesses Marketing Discussion here.

What is the Best Backup? Well, Depends…

Will it never go away? “What is the best backup for me?” The issue of what is a good backup procedure for computers and their relatives just keeps erupting. The issue goes well beyond operating system preferences and nature of personal or professional computer usage. It affects everyone with something of value stored digitally. It even affects telephones. Have you ever heard of someone who dropped a smartphone in the toilet? Having a backup of your contacts is a really good thing. Effective backup applies to everything digital. So what’s the best backup plan for you?

Data Recovery Software (50% Discount for Gnomies)

Speaking of backup plans… we promised Gnomies discounted downloads — so here’s yet another one for those who might need to recover data on their Mac or Windows PC!

Back Link of the Day

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