It’s Monday: Shake Your Monkeymaker

The house has been trained to tell me when it’s Monday and, via Wicket and Pixie as its very vocal mouthpiece, it’s told me that today’s the day!

So I’ve got my popcorn, and now I want to see how you can entertain me. Go!


Oh, I get it. You think I’m some kind of dancing monkey who shakes his moneymaker (monkeymaker?) at your beck and call, eh? Why not return the favor and do some dancing for me for a change? It was a busy week last time around, and this week isn’t promising to give me any breaks, either. You know that Diana and I are getting married on Friday at 5 p.m., yes, yes? Maybe you’ll consider becoming a registered Gnomie and joining us?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gnomies really do say the darnedest things. For instance, here’s a gem from our IRC channel today:

[Sharpclaw] Chris, why so much water? How do you survive TLDR without having to go?

How do you know I’m not going right now? Maybe I have a water closet installed behind my desk. Or an empty milk jug. Gross, right? You may consider this TMI on TLDR, but you did ask!

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

13 Things Microsoft Should Improve in Windows 8

Microsoft is undoubtedly taking a huge gamble with Windows 8. Changing the user experience almost entirely, Windows 8 is expected to be the first truly cross-device operating system outside of the heavily customized Linux environment. The same OS is expected to work on everything from a desktop computer to a smartphone, giving the user a truly cohesive experience throughout. But big changes are usually accompanied by growing pains as the target market either grows into this new flavor of Windows, or grows away from it. Obviously, Microsoft would prefer the former to the latter, so here are 13 things that we think the company could improve in Windows 8 to accomplish this goal.

Support Independent Creators While Watching Original Television Content

With a slate of shows that range from super hero adventures to dramatic thrillers, JTS.TV provides a curated group of award winning programs that you can watch anywhere you have an Internet connection. Priced low enough for anyone to enjoy, they offer ad-free, continuously updated content where the independent creators behind the shows share 50% of all the revenue. Support independent television and watch some great shows knowing you’re part of the revolution. You can even check out free episodes right now!

How to Use Pinterest as a Business

If you have a small business, or help manage social media for a business, you’re likely considering how to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. Pinterest has quickly become the hottest social network du jour, and sites like Mashable have (completely incorrectly) cited that Pinterest is the “top traffic driver for retailers.” In any case, here’s how to use Pinterest as a business, regardless of the type of product or service you offer.

How to Use the Start Screen in Windows 8

Much of the buzz around Microsoft’s upcoming release of Windows 8 surrounds the replacement of the Start menu with an entire page of tiles known as the Start screen. This new page presents your applications as tiles, giving you at-a-glance functionality with compatible programs, and quick startup with others. So what are the advantages of the new Windows 8 interface, and how can we put them to work for us?

How to Use Q&A Sites Effectively

Question and Answer (Q&A) sites seem to be excellent resources of knowledge when one needs it these days. LockerGnome columnist Eddie Ringle would like to take the time now, however, to point out the frustration he experiences when he sees these Q&A sites being used “improperly.” Here are his biggest pet peeves about Q&A sites and how you can use these sites effectively and productively.

Assassin’s Creed Vs. Excel: Who Wins?

Sherman DeForest recently wrote about using Excel spreadsheets for solving real world problems, but hadn’t considered that those problems could include those faced by gamers until LockerGnome reader White Razor showed him how he’s used Excel for solving an Assassin’s Creed puzzle (with video)!

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