Bieber Bible Baby Bumpers

It was just one of those days. Heck, it’s been one of those weeks! Let’s hope it’s not going to be one of those months.

Unless, you know. You’re into that kind of thing. Frankly, I could use a break.

Diana confided in me that she kind of likes Justin Bieber. The world’s full of surprises lately. What should I expect next? Canines in lederhosen? Honest politicians? Ruth Buzzi teaming up with Buzz Aldrin to abduct aliens?

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

How (Not) to Install Windows XP in 2012

I spent nearly all of Wednesday installing Windows XP — yes, Windows XP — to a faster laptop than the one I’m typing this one on for purposes that… well, let’s just say I’m in the process of facilitating my writing process and installing a copy of XP on that laptop is a necessary part of my goal. I doubt anyone wants to know all the dirty details about why I still want to run an operating system that is three generations old and losing its relevancy with each passing hour. Suffice it to say that I spent way too much valuable time installing Windows XP Professional and never want to have to go through the process again. It’s 2012 — XP was released about twelve years ago — and I’m going to tell you what I’d do differently should I ever need to install Windows XP again.

What Social Media Users Can Learn from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, who just turned 18 yesterday, is currently not only the reigning king of pop, but also Twitter, holding strong as the #2 most followed person on Twitter with 18 million followers. (Lady Gaga barely leads at #1.) Justin Bieber also notably sets the bar on Klout with a perfect score of 100. Clearly, the Biebs is doing something right — not just as a celebrity, but as a social media superstar. So what can other social media users learn from Justin Bieber?

YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All Versions

Last Monday evening, I overheard a conversation between two of the men in my weekly group. They were discussing the merits of the different Bible translations and which one they would choose to use to get the most knowledgeable information about certain subjects. During the course of their conversation, one of the individuals mentioned an application that he used on his Android called YouVersion. Since I had never heard of this Bible app, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to investigate it further. However, I had misheard the name of the application, thinking that he had called it Uvers — not YouVersion — so when I entered the keyword into Google, there were no hits. However, it didn’t take long for me to discover the unique and special ways that YouVersion works and which devices are designed to support it.

Will Consumers Flock to Windows 8?

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) has been out for a couple days now, and speculation is running rampant as to whether or not consumers will consider Windows 8 a success, or just a second coming of the PR failure that was Windows Vista. Personally, I’m a long-time Windows user with a long history of early adoptions, disappointments, and through all of this have remained an optimist. With Windows 8, I’m still on the fence. While the beta gives us a good idea of what the final product might look like, one can only hope a lot changes take place between now and then. The biggest question facing Microsoft and its users is whether or not Windows 8 will be something consumers will accept.

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