Leaping over Hump Day to Prevail over the Lack of Windows 8 Start Menus

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Or happy, as Google reminds us, opera king (Barber of Seville, William Tell Overture) Gioachino Rossini’s 220th birthday.

I was going to get him something shiny and gold, but maybe an e-card should do the trick this time? I’ll save up to get him something super nice when the next leap day rolls around in four years.

And while developers have had the chance to tinker around with it for a while now, Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview beta today for people curious about how the big changes promised will affect their use of the popular operating system. You can download it and see how you like it, but don’t come crying to me if you don’t know what to do about the missing start menu (I already did enough crying about it in today’s TLDR. You’ll see).

Here are some of the things on LockerGnome.com and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

How to Download and Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) was released by Microsoft today, giving anxious Windows users the ability to perform an upgrade to their existing Windows machines to the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer. Alternatively, you can opt to grab an .ISO and install it the old-fashioned way. So, how do you get your copy? The answer is simple. There are two ways you can take advantage of this Windows 8 consumer preview (and here they are).

When Do You Start Fixing Computers by Hacking Passwords?

Sherman DeForest says that, as hard as he tries with all of his forays into the realm of decision theory, he’s unable to avoid having his problem-solving skills compromised by clients. He feels caught between a rock and a hard place. If a client simply deposits a compromised computer on his bench and says “Fix it,” he’s not prejudiced by the client’s thoughts on what went wrong. However, knowing the process that led to a problem is often critical in quickly determining a fix. The danger is that if the client shares thoughts on what went wrong, then the fixer can be seduced into going down the wrong path to achieving a fix

What Happened to the Start Menu in Windows 8?

As aforementioned, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 Consumer Preview today, releasing the latest build of its upcoming operating system to the consumer market for what amounts to a giant open beta test. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you’re one of those early adopters who have decided to take Windows 8 for a test drive. But one question seems to be looming in the community today: Where’s the Start menu in Windows 8? Where the heck did it go?

Review: My First 30 Days with T-Mobile

Ron Schenone has been a cellphone user since the year 2000, so he’s got quite a bit of experience under his belt with various carriers, providers, and mobile devices. Here, he goes over his current experiments into the world of T-Mobile and what he has learned during the past 30 days of using T-Mobile’s services.

Tasks You Should Be Doing on the Cloud (And Why)

The Web is evolving rapidly these days. In what seems like the blink of an eye, more and more Web applications spring up to catch our fancy and intrigue. However, many people are neglecting to switch to Web-based solutions for their routines, creating stagnation for both the Web and productivity. The “cloud” is a wonderful place to work and play, with more and more useful applications appearing every day. Yet why should you bother moving your work from a local, desktop-based outfit to one on the Web? Here are some things to ponder.

Top 10 Education iPhone Apps

You like learning, right? If you’re here and reading this, I’d like to think that you share my passion for finding out about new stuff in this big, bold universe around us. And whether you’re involved in kindergarten or college, learning how to cope in a digital world is quickly becoming essential. Students young and old can benefit from iPhone apps that are designed to help them excel in school, and here are 10 of Craighton Miller’s personal favorites.

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