Why Do You Need a #FellowesInc Shredder?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve gone through so many shredders over the years. They’ve all survived near-endless stacks of papers, but every one of them has shuffled off its metal coil due to a random paperclip or staple making it into the mix. Why did I have to concern myself with busywork that the hardware (itself) should have been able to handle on its own? Well, there is no Bill of Rights for office products; not all shredders are created equal.

My next shredder, I decided, would better be able to handle errant items without causing me undue stress. It’s not like I go out of my way to find things to shred. It’s just that I don’t want to worry about what I can (and cannot) feed into the mouths of these monsters.

When given the opportunity to shred it with a Fellowes 79Ci, I was more than willing. I mean, right there on the front of the box it shows you (with clear illustrations) that the hardware can handle paper clips and staples all the way to plastic cards and compact disks. You just can’t go shoving that kind of stuff into your current shredder if it wasn’t designed to handle anything more than regular ol’ paper.

If your current method of shredding involves scissors, it’s time to upgrade. If you already have a shredder nearby, but it chokes when you stack more than two sheets of paper atop one another, it’s time to upgrade. If your current shredding solution jams (in an extremely non-musical way), it’s time to upgrade. The Fellowes 79Ci might be worth snagging… before you hit another snag.

So, just how loud is this sucker? It isn’t. Of course, every single shredder emits some amount noise (friction happens) – but the 79Ci isn’t going to have you scrambling for ear plugs. I’d have taken actual decibel readings, but I’m not so sure that would impress my girlfriend as much as knowing I’m not going to wake her up when I decide to do one of those late night shredding sessions. Don’t laugh. It happens more often than I’d care to admit. Jam sessions? No.

As the literature claims, this Fellowes shredder is “100% Jam Proof” – and for anybody who has ever faced a pile of half shredded documentation, this should bring relief. Halting your workflow when a piece of equipment doesn’t do what you need it to do is frustrating (at best). When you need to shred something, “janky” isn’t an option. And, even if you never experienced a jam before, have you been shredding things well enough?

The 79Ci was designed with a higher level of security in mind – cross-cutting up to 14 sheets at a time into several hundred pieces (per sheet). Nothing is overkill when it comes to the safety of your information. Why else would you be shredding papers? Ah, and your information isn’t the only thing that will remain safe; there’s a mechanism that will automatically stop the shredding when your hands touch the paper opening.

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With its 6 gallon (pull-out) bin and 12 minute (continuous) operational timespan, you’ll probably be set with a Fellowes 79Ci sitting somewhere in your home, office, or home office. Don’t wait for someone to steal what you shouldn’t have shared. You protect your online accounts and passwords, right? Protect your print outs, too. And, heck… who doesn’t want to have a shredder?!

So, Do You Really Want one?

Okay. Leave a comment on this post stating what you would be shredding if you won. If you care to read the official contest rules, feel free to do so. Just promise me that the first thing you decide to shred will not be a printed copy of this particular blog post. If you want to enter more than once, check out our sister review on LockerGnome.

40 thoughts on “Why Do You Need a #FellowesInc Shredder?”

  1. I have a a milk crate of old student homework and exams that I was required to keep for 5 years if students didn’t claim them. Well…. they didn’t claim them and five years have passed. I’m now allowed to destroy. I want to shred their space taking, staple filled, report cover having piles into oblivion. (Professors hate exams as much as students)

  2. I would finally shred all the “important” papers that my wife keeps saving in boxes up in the attic, in her closet, in random cabinets around the house, etc…

  3. To start with, almost 300 cd/dvd containing obsolete linux distros and Microsfot Beta products.
    Then a bunch of credit alike plastic card from over 40 years.
    At last, all those paper I use to keep “just in case I need them”, from school papers, projects, receipts…
    Good luck!

  4. Would shred all our junk mail and papers we have everywhere to make packaging material for my wife’s business

  5. i would be shreding old bills, and who wouldnt want to shred old bills that have been paid for in this day and age..

  6. Will it shred? Well… I’d try to shred a Samsung Series 9 Notebook to see how well it worked! Will it shed? We’ll find out!

  7. I’m looking for a great confetti maker and this looks like it’ll do the job. I’ll shred colored, glossy paper for SPARKLY CONFETTI!

  8. If I won I would shred my mountain of papers in my office.  I was part of a youth football league and   I have a ton of confidential info that needs to go

  9.  credit cards, cd’s with sensitive files and credit card offers would be tops on my list.  
    my last shredder was an absolute dog that would choke on a piece of tissue paper.  it would be nice to shred at home rather than bundling up my sensitive items to shred during my lunch break at work!

  10. I’d shred every single political ad that comes in the mail, those grinning candidates mail their lies on paper that can’t be burned or composted and our private voting identitification is printed on every piece so we dare not put it out in the recycling bins for the identity thieves to pick over. Ahhhh, if we could only shred every lie the candidates spew out.  But vanishing the glossy ads will help, we have to cut off our private data with scissors and shred our names and voting info by hand  now, our old 6 sheet plain paper shredder can’t bite the glossy campaign mailers.

  11. I Would Shred All My Returned Checks!!! Right Now I Have to give them to my Grandmother and have her burn them in her wood stove.

  12. I would publicly shred photos of Justin Bowner, so that everyone can be aware of my dislike for him and his false musical talent.

  13. all my divorce papers and college papers and some dvd’s i have no idea whats on them and make a video of it. plus anything else i can find to shred its gonna be  a shredder birthday! krangs invited

  14. I’d shred anything and everything that comes along that needs to be shredded. To be honest I would probably shred a few things that don’t need it for the fun of it.

  15. I would shred my entire cd collection accumulated over a period of 20 years and and and floppy disks.. especially windows and dos floppies, os2 warp floppies, novell. Old cd backup copies, linux distroes, microsoft SELECT..(several hundred there alone), office, windows. Starting to realize how much clutter and junk has been horded over the years… time to shred it all. Few thousand cd´s and a few hundred floppy disks and the boxes they are in. Its a room full. Then find something neat to do with it all. 

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